5 Benefits of an Automatic Labeling Machine

Why would you choose an automatic labeling machine? Read about the benefits of an auto labeler below.

A fully automatic labeling machine showing the robotic label applicator
A fully automatic labeling machine showing the robotic label applicator
Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR_Y1YmcACc

Buying an automatic labeling machine for your business is often more than just a financial commitment. According to a recent report by researchandmarkets.com, the automatic label machine market will reach 4,548.91 million by the year 2027. That says something about the machine’s popularity. This post explores the benefits of adding an automatic labeler to your factory or any other business.

Benefits of an Automatic Labeling Machine

An automatic label applicator includes automated functions when applying labels to products. The functions may be partially or fully integrated with other machines in a factory. Depending on the automation level, here are the gains when using one in your business or production line.

1. Automatic Labelers Increase Production

It can be very time-consuming to hand-label products, especially if you are labeling dozens or even hundreds of bottles and other containers at a time. Auto labeling machines are extremely fast: While semi-automatic labelers can manage an output of about 2000 containers an hour, fully automatic systems can label up to 4000 and more.

Using one will not only ensure higher productivity but also that you employ fewer workers. Instead of spending time labeling products manually, employees can focus on other tasks that need to be done. This could increase the speed with which orders are processed, helping to improve your company’s response time to customer requests.

2. Automatic Labelers are More Accurate

Not only are automated labeling machines more efficient than hand-labeling, but they are also much more accurate. They consistently apply labels to the same (and correct) position every time. This has the potential to help reduce the number of errors that are made during the labeling process, resulting in lower costs and increasing profits.

Labeling accuracy means that your products are more likely to have the results you want, which could lead to more sales. Accurate labels also ensure customer safety, especially when they carry dosage or usage information. In short, automatic labelers provide effective labeling processes that meet your factory expectations- and that of your customers.

3. Automatic Labelers Save Money

Trying to keep up with the demand for your product using manual labeling machines can be very expensive, as it can increase your employee costs and require you to purchase more resources. Automated labeling machines save you money by reducing labor costs.

You will only need a few people to label products and even fewer to oversee the labeling process. Over time, the investment required for an automatic labeler machine will more than pay for itself as you gain the ability to increase production and minimize human labor.

4. Automatic Labelers Minimize Damage

Manual labeling systems require employees to manually position products before applying stickers onto the labeling surface, and this can lead to products that are broken or mishandled. You could lose out on revenue as a result of damage and not all products will be identifiable.

Auto labeling machines can help to reduce the chances of that happening, which could increase your profits. They use gentler methods to attach labels, such as blowing the label onto a product’s surface. The product positioning system is equally safe and controlled by electronic sensors and, therefore, more efficient.

5. Automatic Labelers are Scalable

If you need to make changes to your labels, it can be a time-consuming process when working with a manual model – but not so if using an automated system. Automatic labeling machines are flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of your business.

The flexibility of auto labelers can help to ensure that your business is able to keep up with the latest changes in labeling requirements and technologies. This should have an impact on your business, in addition to costing you less to make the upgrade. Full automatic labellers can also be used together with new machines in a production line.

An automatic bottle labeling machine for labeling round products such as bottles
An automatic bottle labeling machine for labeling round products such as bottles
Resource: https://www.italianfoodtech.com

Automatic Labeling Machine Price

Despite the many benefits of automatic labeling machinery, the price to buy one can be quite high. Before making your buying decision, therefore, it’s best to consider your budget, labeling needs, and other factors such as the level of automation.

There are a number of factors that can influence the price of an automatic label applicator. If you need a large-scale model, then it’s likely to be more expensive than a smaller one. Each automatic labeling machine is different, so it’s crucial to consider what features are most important to you.

A small automatic labeling machine, for example, could be ideal for a small company that needs to keep up with demand, while a large one might be necessary if you have the resources to dedicate to the task at hand. You could also consider a semi-automatic labeler if your labeling needs are small scale, or if your budget is constrained.

There are also 2 main types of the automatic labeler namely rotary and inline labeling machines. The price for these will generally be different.

  • Rotary labeler- the, most expensive option but suited for high-speed labeling needs. Beverage manufacturers use these types of automatic labeling machines due to their ability to handle many items per minute. Being a high-speed labeling machine, the rotary type also offers other advantages such as reduced labor costs per product.
  • Inline labeler- a cheaper option both in terms of price and maintenance requirements but well suited for medium volume labeling needs. Uses a conveyor belt to transport products through the automated label applicator. Inline machines are necessary when labeling boxes and similar items.


It can be very time-consuming to hand-label products, and this can lead to lower productivity. An automatic labeling machine will not only increase efficiency and production but allow you to reduce the amount of errors that are made.

The bottom line is, automatic labeling machines are a great investment for your business. They can save you money in the long run, minimize damage, and increase accuracy. They are also much safer to use than manual labeling machines.

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