5 Tips On How To Buy Labeling Machine Systems

Labeling is an important step in many industries. Learn how to buy labeling machine systems or equipment using the tips in this article.

Automatic bottle labeling machine
Automatic bottle labeling machine
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How should businesses buy labeling machine systems? There are many things that need to be considered. We will go over them in detail and help you choose the most suitable labeler for your requirements. That will, among other things, ensure the machine fits your manufacturing or other business. First, here is a brief look at the usefulness of labeling equipment.

Why Buy Labeling Machine?

Why would you need a labeling machine labeling system in your manufacturing facility or business? A labeling machine can help your business in many ways:

In the market, your product should have a label that stands out from your competitors’ product labels. Adding a label will enable you to add a logo and other marketing materials. Sometimes, and depending on location, product labeling is a requirement of the law.

Label application machines also increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. They speed up product/item labeling when compared to affixing labels bare hands. That, in turn, translates to fewer operational costs and higher profits.

A typical floor-standing labeling machine
A typical floor-standing labeling machine
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Tips on How to Buy Labeling Machine Systems

Choosing the best labeling machine for your needs requires a lot of research. You need to find a machine that is durable and can handle your labeling volumes. You also need a machine that is user-friendly and easy to operate.

The labeler that you get will depend on the type of business you have and the products that you want to label. Additionally, it will depend on the scale of your business. Below are 5 important that businesses owners should consider when looking to buy labeling machine systems or equipment.

1. Labeling Machine Cost

The first step in buying a labeling machine is deciding how much you’re willing to spend. While it may be tempting to buy a cheap labeling machine, this may not always be the best way to go. That’s because while some low-priced models do come with a number of features, they may not be as reliable or durable.

Investing in a quality machine that has been tested and approved will ensure that you get to use it for many years, saving you money in the long term. The labeling machine price starts at around $500 for manual models to as high as $ 10 000 or more for the sophisticated, automatic labeling systems.

2. Type of Labeling Machine

Before making the decision to buy a labeling machine, determine what you need it for. There are a number of things to figure out, such as the type of item that you need to label, how many items are being labeled at one time, and more. Different labeling machine types serve different needs.

If you’re looking for a labeling machine that can affix labels quickly and accurately, a semi-automatic or full automatic labeling machine is your best bet. Also, if looking for a machine that will allow bulk labeling.

If however, you’re looking for a labeling machine for small runs that’s also affordable and easy to care for, the manual labeling machine is the best choice for you. For price stickers and barcodes, you may want to consider a handheld labeler.

3. Labeling Machine Size

Another important thing when intending to buy labeling machine systems or equipment is the amount of space that you have available. This will help you determine what kind of labeling machine that you should buy. That’s because labelers come in a broad range of sizes, from the small bench top model to large, floor standing units.

If you have a very small workspace, you should probably go for a tabletop labeling machine. For larger spaces, consider buying a large labeling machine such as the rotary type. There are also semi-automatic and fully automatic labeling machines available for purchase, which can be very helpful when there is a lot of product to label.

4. Labeling Machine Specifications

When trying to buy labeling machine systems, businesses must take time to scrutinize the specs. The wrong specifications can mean many things such as inefficiency, incompatibility, and other shortcomings. It’s crucial, therefore, that you think about the features that are needed.

For instance, some machines are equipped with touch screens while others do not. You should think about what kind of features you want in your labeling machine and what will benefit you the most. The different labeling machine specifications include the following:

  • Power rating
  • Instructions input method
  • Label size
  • Applicator type
  • Labeling accuracy
  • Labeling speed/output

A high-speed labeling machine, for example, is necessary if you’re going to use it with a high speed production line or busy business, while a higher labeling accuracy is necessary to avoid wastage.

5. Labeling Machine Manufacturer

There are many different labeling machine manufacturers today, especially if you’re shopping for the product online. These will always offer different designs for the machine, different prices, and other variations. There are also different suppliers or resellers. All these variations can be overwhelming.

When trying to buy labeling machine systems or equipment, our best advice is that you look for a supplier that is reputable and dependable. To find the best suppliers, consider searching the Internet and asking friends for their recommendations.

Search for labeling machine suppliers that have a wide range of products and services. A supplier should offer you not only the labeling machines but also the ancillary products and services that you will need to make your business successful. In a nutshell, look out for the following:

  • The quality of products and services
  • The range of products
  • The price of products
  • The delivery time
  • The return policy
  • The after sales service

Reading labeling machine reviews online will also point you to the right direction. Only ensure that they’re trusted reviews from people who actually purchased (or are currently using) the machine.


When trying to buy labeling machine systems, there are many things that you need to have in mind. These include the type of machine, its speed, and cost. It’s also important to consider the machine and other details such as machine specifications. The tips in this post are meant to help you shop for a labeler for your business. Use them to make the process easier, in addition to getting the best deal on a machine that meets your needs.

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