10 Best Moving Boxes Company

In search of the best moving box suppliers in 2022? We have compiled the top moving box providers who provide the best specialized packing services for your businesses. These businesses are well-known in the corrugated board and packaging solutions sectors for the exceptional quality and on-time dependability of their offerings.

Globalization and increasing population migration are having an impact on the need for moving boxes. Students and members of the working class frequently relocate into new residences, necessitating frequent moving of their possessions as well.

Corrugated boxes with or without handles are typically used to make moving boxes. Due to their portability and lightweight, people favor them. Depending on the packaging requirements, a person can choose from a wide variety of moving boxes. Manufacturers of paper and paperboard packaging goods produce moving boxes. The market for moving boxes is heavily influenced by urbanization, population shifts, etc. In developing nations, students and members of the working class frequently relocate in quest of better educational opportunities or new employment opportunities.

10 Best Moving Boxes Manufacturers of 2022

Moving Box Market Overview

The market for moving boxes is being driven more and more by this expanding trend. Over the projected period, the market for moving boxes is anticipated to expand at a profitable compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The global market for moving boxes is anticipated to be driven by changing lifestyles and an increase in population movement in emerging nations. Moving boxes are different in size, shape, and design from traditional corrugated boxes and folding cartons since they are made for storage as well as transportation of products from one location to another. Folding cartons and corrugated boxes are mostly used for storage. Moving boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to perfectly meet consumer packaging requirements. Personal and household items like a TV, computer, clothes, bed, kitchenware, etc. can be easily packed and moved from one location to another. Moving box use is expanding in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

10 Best Moving Boxes Company of 2022

Listed below are the well-known moving boxes company:


Mondi is a pioneer in box packaging and paper around the world, employing around 26,500 people at over 100 production facilities in over 30 countries, with its core operations in Europe, North America, and Africa. Mondi Box company’s operations span the entire value chain, from forest management to the creation of pulp, paper, and films to the design and production of efficient packaging for both industrial and consumer use. Making novel packaging and paper products that are designed to be sustainable helps us create a better society.

Mondi Boxes Homepage: https://www.mondigroup.com/en/about-mondi/who-we-are/
Products: https://www.mondigroup.com/en/products-and-solutions/
About Mondi: https://www.mondigroup.com/en/about-mondi/
Cointerboard: https://www.mondigroup.com/en/products-and-solutions/containerboard/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Mondi1967South AfricaPhilip Yea

Northwest Paper Box

NWPB is a top producer of corrugated packaging and custom setup boxes. Every day, they put forth the effort to offer products of the highest caliber, while also being a considerate supplier, partner, and steward of the environment for our customers.

Homepage: https://www.nwpaperbox.com/
Products: https://www.nwpaperbox.com/custom-printed-corrugated-boxes
Corrugated Boxes: https://www.nwpaperbox.com/custom-printed-corrugated-boxes
About: https://www.nwpaperbox.com/about-custom-box-manufacturer

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Northwest Paper Box1953Portland
John Van Allen

Salazar Boxes

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Salazar Packaging, Inc.2007United StatesDennis Salazar

Accurate Box Company, Inc. is a family-run business that produces unique high-graphic corrugated boxes. The company specializes in offset lithography and can print 7 colors plus a UV coating on both short and big batches in a single pass. With the acquisition of our new digital printer, Accurate Box will also have the capacity to print on both sides of the box. The boxes produced by Accurate Box are all printed using eco-friendly inks and are entirely recyclable. They have been in operation since 1944 and are women-owned since 1998.

Homepage: https://www.accuratebox.com/
Products: https://www.accuratebox.com/litho-laminated-boxes-displays/litho-laminated-packaging/
Boxes: https://www.accuratebox.com/litho-laminated-boxes-displays/styles-of-boxes/
About: https://www.accuratebox.com/about-us/about-us-2/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Accurate Box Company, Inc1944New JerseyLisa Hirsh

Quality Support Moving Boxes

Moving and shipping box manufacturer with a custom design. Offerings include customized containers, wood crates, 300 ga. chipboard, weatherproof, fire-retardant boxes, and packing kits. We work with wood, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, metal, acrylic, plastic, foam, rubber, fiberglass, laminates, honeycomb, and solid surface.

Homepage: https://www.qualitysupport.biz/
Packaging: https://www.qualitysupport.biz/custom-packaging-services.html
Products: https://www.qualitysupport.biz/gallery.html
About: https://www.qualitysupport.biz/about-us.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Quality Support, LLC1992United StatesBernie Beldin

KapStone Paper Moving Boxes

The majority of kraft paper produced in the United States is produced by KapStone using either virgin or recycled fiber, or a combination of the two. The business provides standard grades for wrapping papers, as well as converting papers, bag papers, and multiwall sack papers, to a wide range of customers. For a variety of converters, including laminators, coaters, insulation makers, producers of agricultural products manufacturers of food product packaging, it also manufactures custom grades. The company claims to be the sole manufacturer of high-performance, semi-extensible, and extensible sack kraft sheets in the United States.

Homepage: https://www.paperpackaginginternational.com/
Products: https://www.paperpackaginginternational.com/sections/end-user-consumer-products/
About: https://www.paperpackaginginternational.com/about/the-magazine/
Contact: https://www.paperpackaginginternational.com/contact/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp.
2005United StatesRoger Stone

Classic Packaging Corp

A moving boxes company. Types include combo packaging boxes, wardrobe, dishpack, lamp, picture frame, computer, and deluxe types. obtainable in a range of sizes. Dish pack boxes are double-walled and corrugated. Handling instructions are pre-printed on deluxe moving boxes. provides services for custom packaging.
Homepage: http://custom-packaging.classicpackagingcorp.com/
About: https://www.classicpackagingcorp.com/about.html
Corrugated Boxes: https://custom-packaging.classicpackagingcorp.com/category/corrugated-boxes-3
Moving Boxes: https://custom-packaging.classicpackagingcorp.com/category/moving-boxes

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Classic Packaging Corp1982United StatesIra Rosen

Deluxe Moving Boxes

Manufacturer of corrugated moving boxes, both standard and customized. Lamp boxes, dish pack boxes, picture bin boxes, huge wardrobe boxes, VCR boxes, TV boxes, picture/mirror boxes, mattress boxes, and commercial bin boxes are examples of the several kinds of moving boxes. Corrugated cardboard comes in a variety of sizes and is completely recyclable to make boxes.
Homepage: https://www.deluxepkg.com/
Custom Packaging: https://www.deluxepkg.com/custom-packaging/
Corrugated Boxes: https://www.deluxepkg.com/corrugated-slotted-boxes/
Moving Boxes: https://catalog.deluxepkg.com/viewitems/corrugated-boxes-stock-items/moving-cartons

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Deluxe Packaging1948 United StatesKenneth Hoffman

Riverside Moving Boxes

Manufacturer of corrugated moving boxes for household goods in both standard and custom sizes. Features include double-wall construction, height adjustment, pre-printed handling instructions, flap tabs, and a hanger bar for loading. Homepage: http://www.rpconline.com/ About: http://www.rpconline.com/About-Us_ep_7.html Products: http://www.rpconline.com/Boxes-Corrugated-Products_c_332.html Moving Boxes: http://www.rpconline.com/Moving-Boxes_c_349.html
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Riverside Paper Co.MiamiMiamiHoward Steirn

Imperial Boxes

Expandable telescoping, mirror, lamp base, mattress, and wardrobe moving boxes are all produced by this company. Additional services are provided, including package design, testing, volume optimization, and warehousing.

Homepage: https://imperialpaper.com/
About: https://imperialpaper.com/mission-statement/
Products: https://imperialpaper.com/product-category/corrugated-cartons/
Moving Boxes: http://shop.imperialpaper.com/Category/Index/2396?webdesc=Moving%20%26%20Storage%20Boxes

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Imperial Paper Co.1963United StatesFariborz Farasat

What are Moving Boxes?

The boxes’ dimensions and durability are tailored exclusively for use during relocation. Moving boxes are made to withstand the stresses of the move, be sturdy enough to stack correctly, and prevent damage in addition to being able to contain the necessary contents inside of them.

Different Moving Boxes Types

It’s crucial to have the proper tools, such as moving boxes, when getting ready to relocate. But how do you decide which kind of moving boxes to buy? Take an inventory of your possessions as a starting step. After that, you’ll be able to decide how many of each type of moving box to purchase. The following are some of the most typical styles of moving boxes:

Small box

 In the US, this is sometimes referred to as a “book box,” and it usually has a volume of 1.5 cubic feet. It works well for storing bulky items like heavy books, records, shoes, cans of food, small appliances, and more.

Medium box

This type of box, known as the “all-purpose box,” is typically 3 cubic feet and can hold everything, including pots and pans, toys, lamps, souvenirs, kitchen utensils, and more.

Large box

The large box, at 4.5 cubic feet, is perfect for packing light things like pillows, blankets, and apparel. Typically, the weight of the contents inside a container should decrease as its size rises. By doing this, you may lift and load the moving boxes safely on moving day.

Dish packs

 To make it simple to transport your bowls, stemware, dishes, and other kitchenware, these boxes come with cell dividers.

Mattress box

 A mattress box, which is available in a range of sizes including infant, twin, standard, double, and queen/king, will shield your mattress from harm.

Mirror boxes

A broken mirror is the absolute last thing you need! Using a mirror box for your mirrors, glass tabletops, and huge photos just makes sense, even if you aren’t superstitious.

Custom crates

 Such packages won’t be necessary for everyone. But make sure to buy a custom crate from a reliable brand if you’re moving antiques, chandeliers, artwork, or anything else that is big, heavy, or delicate. It can tailor-make them to your requirements.

Wardrobe boxes

 These substantial containers have a bar for hanging clothes, drapes, and curtains and stand upright. They can prevent such items from wrinkling while you’re traveling.
Other types include:
– Specialty Box
– Lamp Box
– TV Box

Who Utilizes Moving Boxes?

The market for moving boxes is divided into segments based on product type, application, end-use, and region. The following product categories make up the global market for moving boxes:

– Corrugated Boxes- A disposable container with layers of material on its sides—an inner layer, an exterior layer, and a middle layer—is known as a corrugated box.

– Folding Cartons-a paper-based box that serves as an item or product’s outer container.

The worldwide moving box market is divided into the following categories according to application:

Household Segment

Which accounted for 34% of the market in 2020 and maintained the greatest share and is further divided into the following sub-segments: Bed and furniture covers, Electronics, Kitchen, and Music Instruments. Moving market growth for this segment is being driven by the rising use of moving boxes in homes due to their convenience.


 The majority of these products are used by moving and packing-related businesses. They typically use moving boxes because they are sturdy and can withstand pressure from heavy objects. With these, they can relocate and move anything quickly and without damage.

Logistics and Industrial Supply

Moving company ship boxes are commonly used by companies in this industry. Because everything is all packed and organized with storage that is specific to them, they typically use this to carry industrial products easily.

Office Equipment

The majority of moving boxes used by businesses in this sector are corrugated boxes. Businesses don’t have to worry about their office supplies becoming destroyed when they relocate because they may store a variety of items inside moving boxes.

Food and Drinks

Some enterprises in the food industry utilize moving boxes. Typically used to convey food, kitchenware, produce, and fruits.


Moving boxes are often used on our personal belongings when we are moving from one place to another. Good quality moving boxes are needed since everything we need to carry on when relocating requires proper box handling.
Some other applications where moving boxes are used are as follows:
– Cosmetic
– Electronics and Electrical
– Medical Care and Other Supplies
– Automotive
– Chemical

Types of Materials Used For Manufacturing Moving Boxes

There are various sorts of moving boxes, and each type requires a particular material. For applications where dependability is necessary, these materials are typically the most robust or the best available.

Polypropylene and Polyethylene

These materials are robust plastics with great impact strength, outstanding dependability, and durability. For applications like crates or containers for large pieces of equipment, this material is perfect for shipping boxes.


Designed for packaging products with high needs for strength and durability. It has great elasticity and tear resistance. It could be used without printing, had the strength to mold the boxes.


Moving boxes of the cardboard variety employ this material. It is a high-quality paper that is best suited for manufacturing boards since it is made of wood pulp and other additional additives. Recycling is an option for moving boxes made of this substance.

Corrugated Fiberboard

It is commonly known as high-density fiberboard is a type of wood board. Typically, a thinner board, between 2 and 4 millimeters, with printed coated paper adhered. This board has the benefit of being stronger and more durable than paperboard. When a box is too large, this option is the best.

Corrugated Fiberboard

A material constructed of several sheets of paper. used for corrugated boxes with one, two, or three walls. This is the end product of rolling and stacking multiple sheets of paper, foil, or plastic together. This kind of material is lightweight and flexible yet highly robust.
Depending on the type of storage facility required for the move, moving boxes may also be made of regular-quality plastics, wood, metal, steel, or aluminum.

Top Qualities of Moving Boxes to Look for When Packing For Removals

The removals industry presents numerous difficulties, so the last thing you need is a pile of cardboard boxes that can’t properly and securely transport large and bulky objects.
We’ve put together a helpful checklist of items to watch out for when purchasing moving boxes and protective packaging:

Box strength: Purchase sturdy boxes

Since customers will likely have a variety of products that need packing by room rather than weight, and the types of items can vary, it is unlikely that you would need single wall boxes for removals. Due to this, you need at least to use double-walled boxes. Because they are made in a way that strengthens the double wall construction even further, we even have boxes that we refer to as “strong double wall.” Consider a sturdy double wall box or perhaps a tri-wall box for further security if your buyer describes having extremely fragile and weighty things.

Box size: Not too big, not too small

Extra-large cardboard boxes are usually only utilized in unique situations. In any other case, they require numerous people to manage, especially if the item is quite large and tough to pack and carry. This is typical for removals projects, however, the majority of objects can be packed such that only one or two persons are needed to transfer them, freeing up the crew to do the job fast. Pack 2 boxes are the name given to common moving boxes. For packing, storing, and moving clothes, wardrobe boxes are a hit with customers since you can hang items up and they’re double-walled, measuring roughly 18″ x 18″ x 20″ or 450mm x 450mm x 515mm.

Price: Look for less expensive options without sacrificing quality.

Occasionally, purchasing inexpensive cardboard boxes might be a pain since you end up sacrificing quality. There is a method to cut costs on packaging without sacrificing the caliber of your moving and packing services, though. The solution is to purchase used boxes from trustworthy firms. If you adhere to tip 1 (by selecting a respectable box strength), you can locate less expensive alternatives to a freshly produced pack 2 boxes.

Avoid failures by using high-quality packing tape

It is alluring to save money by purchasing the least expensive brown tape available. I suppose tape is tape. Wrong. Poor quality packing tape doesn’t adhere well, and it wouldn’t be ideal if a package suddenly burst open while you were carrying it.
It should go without saying, but in the moving industry, wrapping products to minimize breakage and damage is crucial! Encourage your consumers to prioritize products that need to be protected. For instance, a box of plastic toys for children usually won’t require extra padding, but kitchenware like china most definitely will. , while packing paper can be used as a protective layer between home objects and as a fantastic way to fill any space in a box to prevent items from shifting during shipping, some people prefer bubble wrap as it is a plastic-free alternative.

Choosing Moving Box Company: Important Factors

You may have a nightmare throughout your move, especially if you are unprepared. It can be daunting to pack up all of your possessions, separate them into boxes, and then unload everything at the new location. With a little planning, everything will go smoothly. Yes, you can save time and work by selecting the best moving box company.
Some characteristics of the best moving box company are listed below.

Appropriate box type and size

An expert moving box business will always assess your unique needs before giving you the appropriate size and type of box. They offer a variety of cardboard box kinds, such as shelf-ready, archival, packing, full overlap, and a few others. However, size is crucial since you cannot load a tiny object in a large box and vice versa. The organization will therefore direct you and offer the best cardboard boxes.

Exceptional Wall Strength

 The top moving box company understands the value of the boxes’ excellent wall strength. For total security, they provide boxes with a single wall, double wall, and triple wall. Single-wall boxes are appropriate for lightweight clothing and may be recommended to you by the company for fragile products. Additionally, double-walled boxes are typically used to store items that need to be kept for longer periods. You may always learn more about wall strength from the box manufacturer if you don’t already know everything there is to know.

Taking Item Weights into Account

Before recommending a specific sort of box, a reputable moving box provider will take into account the size, weight, and shape of the contents within. A bicycle or an instrument, for instance, needs to be transported in a sizable cardboard box. You can choose the appropriate box based on its resilience when it comes to weight.


Therefore, to obtain the best packaging boxes, it is crucial to exclusively contact reputable cardboard box manufacturers. You can explore the internet, select a few businesses, and then choose one after reading customer reviews. The selection and moving company boxes cost offered by various businesses can be compared. Asking your friends for reliable recommendations can be a terrific choice.
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