Poly Mailers Manufacturers 2022

The growing demand for lightweight and easy-to-handle products gives a platform for poly mailers in the market. Businesses that offer goods that are non-fragile like clothing, home furnishings, books, printed materials, and some cosmetics and healthcare products are the main users of poly mailers. Poly mailer manufacturers see this opportunity to create and develop poly bags that will surely give additional convenience to their users.
Poly mailers are plastic packaging envelopes made of moisture-resistant polyethylene that composes many widely used plastics. These kinds of plastic bags come in many sizes and dimensions depending on the needs of applications. This is usually strong and has dust and moisture resistance, ensuring your goods’ safety and protection.
This packaging is lightweight and much cheaper than cardboard and other product packaging. This kind of packaging is ideal for shipping clothing, shoes, books, and other durable goods.
Poly Mailers Manufacturers 2022

Poly Mailers Market Overview

According to the market, poly mailers will reach an estimated value of $1.69 billion by 2028 because of the increasing growth of the e-commerce sector across the globe. We register a growth rate of 4.70% for the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. Poly mailers are lightweight, easy to send envelopes, and weatherproof, which makes them more reliable on a day to day shipping for small and large companies that need this kind of feature. The growing demand for this kind of packaging and shipping storage backups the rising growth of the market status of poly mailers. With the rising growth of the retail sector across the globe and increasing demand for non-fragile products, this kind of packaging will surely continue to accelerate and may be achieved or outgrow the projected market value time frame of 2021-2028.

Leading Manufacturers of Poly Mailer

Looking for your perfect poly mailer supplier must be hard, for you need to make the best decision that will support your business in the long run. Here are some of the most recommended poly bag suppliers in the industry:

Storopack Poly Mailers

Storopack was established in 1874 providing protective packaging products and technical model parts in the global market for over 140 years. Their tradition and innovation have a key role in everything they do. Storopack is a distributor that provides perfect protective packaging solutions that will support their customer and clients for the long term. This full experience company was organized and divided into two divisions, the tailored protective packaging and the packaging division. They offer wholesale flexible protective packaging with cushions, paper pads, poly mailer bags, and loose-fill packaging materials with integration into existing packaging processes.
Storopack facilities and locations around the world, they have a decentralized manpower structure of 2490 employees at 70 locations in 18 countries around the globe. So wherever you are, Stropack is a poly mailer manufacturer to look for.

Stropack Official Website: https://www.storopack.us/
Stropack Poly Mailer: https://www.storopack.us/products/flexible-protective-packaging/mailer-bags/
About Stropack: https://www.storopack.us/company/about-us/
Stropack Worldwide: https://www.storopack.us/company/storopack-worldwide/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Metzingen Germany
Jacob Duer

Associated Bag Poly Mailer

Associated Bags is a custom wholesale packaging bags and shipping manufacturer with years of experience and expertise in this industry. Associated Bags has a wide range of stock products from cushions, to covers, to containers, to custom-fit poly bags. They offer same-day delivery in many areas in the US and offer two-day deliveries for locations near their distributors.

Associated Bag Official Website: https://www.associatedbag.com/Default.aspx
Associated Bags Mailers: https://www.associatedbag.com/ShowCategory.aspx?Code=ENV
About Associated Bags: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=AboutUs.html
Custom Products: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=CustomProducts.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Associated Bag
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Scott Pietila

Pack Smart Poly Mailer

Pack Smart is a manufacturer of packaging and smart shipping supply. They love to embrace new technology and innovation and put it all for the advancement of their processes and products. Pack Smart focuses on product development and the industry’s latest packaging products. They make custom eco-friendly poly mailers, air bubble films, bubble mailers, and stretch films. Small air bubble film machine and packing tapes. Their products are usually used in many industries like cosmetics, logistics, medical care, trade, food, and e-commerce. Pack Smart Mailers commit to providing only quality products for their customer-clients.

Pack Smart Official Website:https://packsmartusa.com/
Pack Smart Mailer: https://packsmartusa.com/product-category/bubble-mailer/
About Pack Smart: https://packsmartusa.com/about-us/
Distributorship: https://packsmartusa.com/become-a-distributor/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Pack Smart
Iowa Ave, Riverside CA
Bill Wang

Stamar Poly Mailers

Stamar Packaging was established in 1981 and provides a wide variety of deluxe packaging, skin board packaging, and shipping solutions to its customers. They have collaborated with industries leading manufacturers to provide effective solutions to the daily challenges their customers experience. Stamar’s strong relationship with its quality suppliers gives additional inputs for their best-provided products. They use the advanced and latest technology for their product processing.
They have been awarded as leading packaging and shipping product manufacturers for they produce only quality products like flexible packaging and poly mailers.

Stamar Packaging Official Website: https://stamarpkg.com/
Stamar Mailers: https://stamarpkg.com/mailers/
About Stamar: https://flipbooks.tabell.com/13683/22930/index.html
Stamar Wide Range Products: http://stamarpkg.packagingcatalog.com/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Elgin, IL, US
Joe Tedesco

Carolina Poly Mailers

Carolina is a packaging product and poly bag supplier that distributes a variety of pressure-sensitive tapes and custom poly mailers. They use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced product manufacturing processes to provide top-quality products. Carolina poly pay rate bag manufacturer offers wholesale poly mailers. It has over 900 series of tapes and a wide variety of mailer customization.

Carolina Tape Supply Official Website: https://carolinatape.com/
Carolina Poly Mailers: https://carolinatape.com/furniture-packing-supplies/
About Carolina: https://carolinatape.com/about-us/
Carolina’s Furniture and Packaging Supplies: https://carolinatape.com/furniture-packing-supplies/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
St SE, Hickory, NC
Shawn Dagenhardt

Polypak Poly Mailers

Polypak packaging is an extruder, machine, and printer of polyethylene items, primarily plastic envelopes, substantial packs, and plastic firm for agricultural and plastic packaging. Our reason is to conqueror a green future, by becoming a driving supplier of plastic items that are ecologically responsible, we do also offer wholesale poly mailers to our clients. We take awesome pride in our individuals for they share with us their enthusiasm, their bliss in life, and their commitment comes about to our clients.
Polypack Official Website: https://www.polypak.com/
Polypack Poly Mailers: https://www.polypak.com/products/
About Polypack: https://www.polypak.com/about-us/
Polypack Services: https://www.polypak.com/services/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
East Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
Richard Gurewitz

PAC Poly Mailers

PAC packaging company was established over 45 years ago and it is a worldwide manufacturer of protective mailers and claim-to-fame packaging for the dispatch, e-commerce, fulfillment, and dissemination markets. We offer full pac shipping products with a portfolio of branded and stock bundling with paper, bubble lined, and level arrangement. With over 1,900 group individuals all through the US, UK, Mexico, and Malaysia we tune in to the wants of our clients and improve arrangements to meet them. Hear more about what is imperative to PAC, how we have developed, who leads our group, and the communities we are established in.
PAC Official Website: https://www.pac.com/
PAC Poly Mailers: https://www.pac.com/products-and-solutions/
About PAC: https://www.pac.com/about-pac/
PAC Contract Services: https://www.pac.com/contractservices/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Street Redmond, WA
James Boshaw

Diversified Plastics Poly Mailers

Diversified Plastics has been serving our customer’s adaptable poly packaging needs for over 30 eras. We, as of now, serve your industry. Diversified Plastics includes modern and custom poly packaging with 5 distribution centers for transport forms.
Diversified Official Website: https://dppsc.com/
Diversified Plastics Poly Mailers: https://dppsc.com/index.php/products/252-custom-poly-bags
About Diversified: https://dppsc.com/
Diversified Plastics products: https://dppsc.com/index.php/products

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Diversified Plastics
Sumter, South Carolina
Barney Williams

Impackt Packaging Poly Mailers

Impackt Packaging was planned for the year 2009 with a mission of phenomenal quality, unwavering quality, and efficiency within the shipping, packaging, and retail industry. We saw far better a better way to do things, to keep companies dependably provided with the compostable packaging arrangements that they require. Impackt Packaging proceeds with the improvement of unparalleled automated packaging machines. Our packaging set out to construct these machines since they saw an opportunity and meet the wants of packaging lines, with more natural, custom eco-friendly poly mailers, and more ways to urge things packaging with high speed and accuracy.
Impackt Official Website: https://www.impacktpkg.com/envio-poly-mailer/
Impackt Packaging Poly Mailers: https://www.impacktpkg.com/wholesale-packaging-products/
About Impackt: https://www.impacktpkg.com/about-our-wholesale-packaging-manufacturer-and-supplier/
Impackt’s Production Machinery: https://www.impacktpkg.com/packaging-machines/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Impackt Packaging
Piscataway, NJ, USA
Dr. Pramod Kabra

DHWANI Poly Mailers

Dhwani is committed to manufacturing world-class items that guarantee both quality and commerce development for its clients. Dhwani, which was established by Mr. Rajesh Roongta and Mr. Sanjay Roongta, has developed bonds since its beginning. Dhwani began as a courier bag manufacturer and poly mailer. Our company launched recycled courier bags with a capacity increased to 21 million bags a month.
Dhwani Official Website: https://dhwanippl.in/polymailers.html
Dhwani Poly Mailers: https://dhwanippl.in/polymailers.html
About Dhwani: https://dhwanippl.in/about.html
Dhwani Courier Service: https://dhwanippl.in/courier.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Maharashtra, India
Aditya Roongta

What is Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are plastic packaging envelopes made of moisture-resistant polyethylene that composes many widely used plastics. These kinds of plastic bags come in many sizes and dimensions depending on the needs of applications. This is usually strong and has dust and moisture resistance, ensuring your goods’ safety and protection. This packaging is lightweight and much cheaper than cardboard and other product packaging. This kind of packaging is ideal for shipping clothing, shoes, books, and other durable goods.

Types of Poly Mailer

Poly mailers come in different lengths, sizes, material compositions, and purposes. Making sure you’re using the right type of poly mailer for your products will greatly help your business’ values and objectives. Here are the types of poly mailers you can use:

Poly Mailers

These types of poly mailers are typically white or gray poly bags. It doesn’t have paddling and is very cheap. This kind of poly mailer is suited for durable or well-protected items that don’t require additional cushioning. Layflat poly bags are best for shipping shoes and clothing or goods that won’t damage when tossed or placed on top of them.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are ordinary poly bags padded with bubble wrap on the inside that provides extra protection to the items or products. This king of poly mailers is more expensive than ordinary poly bags and is best suited for high-quality goods that require extra protection from scratches, dents, or any kind of damage. Best for shipping jewelry dresses with ornaments, CDs, small electronics, and other semi-fragile goods.

Compostable Poly Mailers

Composite poly mailers are similar to lay flat poly bags but made out of compostable materials. They are made up of eco-friendly materials that are able to decompose back to earth. This is a great alternative to traditional plastic poly bags for it helps reduce waste and keep materials out of landfills and oceans.

Biodegradable Poly Mailers

Biodegradable poly mailers are poly bags that do not contain polyethylene and are typically made up of ethanol-derived plant-based material like sugar canes. It is another type of sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly and perfect for eco-conscious brands.

Expansion Poly Mailers

Tamper-resistant Expansion Poly Mailers are heavy-duty and tamper-resistant poly bags that are ideal for bulk items. It is made up of premium grade polyethylene that makes it tear-resistant and usually comes with padded bottom. This type of poly bag is suited for large items like jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, books, and binders.

Recycled Poly Mailers

The best poly mailer for eco-conscious brands. These poly mailers are made up of recycled material which has a rate of 50% to 100% in the proportion of recycled material used. It is durable and moisture-resistant like other types of poly mailers and could also come in different sizes and colors.

Tyvek Poly Mailers

Tyvek Poly Mailers are made up of woven polyethylene fibers, which makes them more durable than other types of poly mailers. Tyvek poly bags are water-resistant, sturdy, and cost-effective for shipping important documents or even photographs.

Clearview Poly Mailers

Clearview Poly Mailers has a transparent front that allows excellent product display wherein shipping information, labels and branding are added at the back of the mailer. This type of poly bag is ideal for shipping books, magazines, catalogs, and journals.

Types of Material Used for Manufacturing Poly Mailer

Poly mailers are a kind of packaging that businesses often use now. When picking the right poly bag to use, one main thing to consider is the material used that will greatly affect the packaging style of your goods or products.

Resin or Plastic Pellets

This is the common material used in making poly mailers. It can be high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, or medium-density polyethylene. These types of plastic materials are used depending on the durability and flexibility needed for the poly bags to produce.

Recycled Material

Some companies recommend the reuse of poly mailers by recycling them and producing them into new poly bags. The recycled materials from used poly mailers were combined with new raw materials to compose new plastic products. This is advised by most eco-friendly brands that support environmental activities.

Biodegradable Material

Biodegradable or compostable materials for poly mailers are also made from polyethylene, which is comprised of oil and natural gas with 50% to 70% proportion with plant-based materials like sugar canes. It is another type of sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly and perfect for eco-conscious brands.

Who Uses Poly Mailer?

Poly bags can be seen in different types and usage depending on the application of the products it holds. Here are some of the main types of business that uses poly mailers as their product packaging:


Clothing businesses are one of the main users of poly mailers. This packaging is designed to protect apparel as well as preserve it during transit. With poly mailers, they can easily send out any apparel from sweaters, and jeans, to jackets knowing that poly bags can withstand trips and will surely arrive your clothing uncrushed or free of damage. Clothing businesses value their packaging for their top priority is keeping the apparel safe and looking its best upon arrival.

Marketing Materials

Printing companies that offer marketing pieces reduce the shipping costs by packaging their customer’s orders with cost-effective and durable poly mailers. Usually use for business cards, brochures, postcards, and letterheads delivering this kind of material in pristine conditions is achievable with weather-proof poly mailers customed to the sizes and quantity of your printed products.Poly bags are also ideal for shipping books and printed materials with just the right custom-sizing the materials will be delivered in their best condition. This packaging is also lightweight will definitely make the cost low.

Health and Wellness Products

Health and Wellness Product businesses also use poly mailers as their product packaging and shipping pouch. With poly mailers’ reliability and low-cost shipping, they can package their supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional powders in durable custom-fitted poly bags.

Beauty Products

Custom-designed poly mailers are the main option for many beauty product businesses for shipping their products. For it becomes an alternative packaging that affects the beauty and presentation of their packages. Products like lipsticks, sheet masks, mascara, color palettes, makeup brushes, and pore trips are common beauty products packaged with poly mailers because of they are less bulky items.

Handmade Goods

Businesses that offer handmade goods often use poly mailers as their packaging materials. This low-cost and protective feature benefits thousands of home sellers or crafters because it keeps the shipping cost low. Some of the homemade goods packed in poly bags are cloth or clothlike goods like blankets and clothing, printable items like stickers and planners, small jewelry, knitted items, and personalized phone devices or accessories.

Things to consider when Choosing the Right Poly Mailer for your Business

Small to big businesses right now are using poly mailers to package their goods. But what are the key important features to observe when choosing your best-fitted poly mailers for your products? Here are some of the key features to evaluate in choosing poly mailers:


Size, you want your poly mailers to be large enough to fit your products but not so big to avoid flimsy corners. It is best to request samples from your poly mailer supplier and test them to fit in every product you are shipping with.


In measuring the durability of your poly mailers, you should ensure the thickness of the mailers and the way it’s sealed. It is advisable to look for products with multiple layers with a secure seal, test all sides and check for strong adhesive.

Tear Strip

It is not advisable to make your customer open your package with a knife or a cutter. Poly mailers should have a precise tear strip to open them hassle-free.

Release Liner

The release liner protects the adhesive until you are ready to seal the poly mailer. And if you will apply the process to over a thousand mailers you want this step to be easy or static-free.


Checking your poly mailers’ bottom part is also a factor to consider. Poly mailers don’t have gusseted bottoms, so additional reinforcement is useful when shipping heavy or bulky items.

Dual Peel and Seal

Double adhesive for your poly mailers. Your poly mailers must have two release liners to protect strip adhesives.

Tamper Evident

Poly mailers are known for their weak adhesives that can be pealed or resealed without leaving a trace. The adhesives should be strong and enough to make the bags tamper evident. If someone attempts to unseal it, the recipient will be able to tell.

Things to Consider When Choosing Poly Mailer Manufacturers

Here are some of the key things to remember when choosing the right poly mailer manufacturers:

Cost and Quality

Pricing is the main factor when choosing your poly mailer manufacturer. The provider must give the best quality mailers at the most competitive price. There are many manufacturers that offer poly bags with the lowest prices but the quality is usually compromised. You must request samples and cost computation before ordering bulk orders.

Custom Capabilities

This is one of the main factors to check when looking for your poly mailer supplier. If the supplier can provide the custom-fit poly mailers for your goods. Products stored in poly bags give certain significance to their packaging. Mailers should be large enough to fit your goods.

Reliability and Durability

Your business depends on the arrival of your product to its recipients. So it is wise to ensure that your poly mailers are reliable or durable enough to handle your goods during transit.

Quantity & Shipping

When choosing the right poly mailer manufacturer, you should also know the maximum and the minimum number for every order and the shipping process they have. For you are able to receive your poly mailers safely and on time.


Poly mailers are also known as bubble mailers, poly bags, mailing bags, or poly bubble mailers. It is the e-commerce shipping heart. This storage or packaging style gives life and sustainable shipping bags for all small to large businesses across the world. Giving them cost-effective shipping storage for their goods. This lightweight plastic shipping component is self-sealing and has a fold-over lip. This packaging is thin yet durable, so they don’t take up much space on a truck when in transit. This shipping storage significantly has cheaper shipping costs because of its weight and small size poly mailers cost less per shipment compared to boxes. One of the major factors in shipment pricing is its dimensional weight, a computation technique used by all shipping carriers.
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