10 Best Postal Box Manufacturers

Are you finding it difficult to select the ideal postal boxes for your requirements? The greatest custom packaging options for your enterprises are offered by the leading postal box manufacturers we have gathered. These businesses are well-known in the corrugated board and packaging solutions sectors for the exceptional quality and on-time dependability of their solutions. Simply keep reading!
Today’s firms need effective branding tools, such as custom boxes and packaging. It’s essential for e-commerce businesses.
When a package is delivered to a customer’s door, the first thing they see is your packaging. The experience is significantly more interesting when opening a box with amusing packaging.

10 Best Postal Box Manufacturers of 2022

Postal Box Market Overview

In the coming years, the need for postal packaging is expected to increase at an impressive rate. Over the years, the custom of sending postal cards has remained constant. Despite the phenomenal rate at which the world has gone digital, all significant industries are still constrained by paper-based procedures that call for the usage of postal boxes and mail. As a result, the overall amount of money coming into the worldwide postal packaging industry is expected to increase in the coming years. The most popular postal collateral utilized by businesses and industries is the postal boxes. The global market for postal packaging is seeing new growth potential as a result of the rising demand for postal boxes.

10 Best Postal Box Manufacturers of 2022

Listed below are the well-known postal boxes manufacturers:

International Paper Box

One of the top producers of fiber-based goods in the world, specializing in cellulose fibers, containerboard, corrugated packaging, papers, recycling packaging, pulp, and paper goods. In addition to various designs of cardboard boxes and sheets, their corrugated packaging also covers retail, bulk, molded fiber, kraft paper bags, solid fiber, and specialized packaging.

International Paper Company Official site: https://www.internationalpaper.com/
International Paper Box: https://www.internationalpaper.com/products
About International Paper: https://www.internationalpaper.com/company/about-international-paper
Corrugated Packaging: https://www.internationalpaper.com/products/na/corrugated-packaging

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
International Paper Company1898TennesseeMark S. Sutton

Emenac Boxes

Manufacturer of supplies and products for packing, primarily mail boxes. Boxes with tuck ends, seal ends, dispensers, foldable magnetic closures, pillow ends, triangular ends, gable ends, pyramid ends, and cube ends are available. There are also available other goods including paper bags, business cards, bookmarks, folders, CD cases, and tags. suitable for packaging applications in the cosmetic, fashion, retail, food, CBD, bakery, cigarette, mail, and medical industries.

Emenac Official Site: https://www.emenacpackaging.com/
Mail Boxes: https://www.emenacpackaging.com/product-description/custom-mailer-boxes/
Cardboard Boxes: https://www.emenacpackaging.com/product-description/cardboard-boxes/
Products: https://www.emenacpackaging.com/products/
About: https://www.emenacpackaging.com/aboutus/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Emenac Inc.2011United StatesAndrew Christopher

WestRock Boxes

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
WestRock 2015 USA David B. Sewell

Packaging Corporation of America

Custom manufacturers of corrugated boxes of many colors, shapes, and sizes are made to order. Various box kinds can be ordered, including printed boxes, plain boxes, partitioned boxes, single-wall boxes, double-wall boxes, and boxes with bespoke designs. Custom corrugated point of purchase (POP) displays can be made. Additionally produces packaging supplies and materials including corrugated shippers, dividers, inserts, plastic strapping, stretch film, bubble wrap, packaging foam, packaging tapes, reclosable fasteners, angle pads, v-board edge protection, and dunnage bags. There are also value-added structural design services, graphic design services, inventory management services, and consultancy services offered.

Homepage: https://www.packagingcorp.com/
Products: https://www.packagingcorp.com/products
About: https://www.packagingcorp.com/our-company
Corrugated Containers: https://www.packagingcorp.com/corrugated-containers

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Packaging Corporation of America1959AmericaMark W. Kowlzan

Associated Bag

A wide variety of boxes in various sizes, shapes, strengths, and colors are available from Associated Bag. Corrugated, gift, shipping, storage, moving, foam-lined, Gaylord, multi-depth, tote, reverse-tuck, insulated, die-cut, and 275-lb boxes are just a few of the many types of in-stock boxes available. an exam, a double wall, a closet, etc. For every need you may have, we offer both wholesale and retail packaging, along with first-rate customer support and reasonable costs. Along with a wide range of other products, Associated Bag also provides volume savings and professional customized services.

Homepage: https://www.associatedbag.com/Default.aspx
Products: https://www.associatedbag.com/ShowCategory.aspx?CategoryID=2425#
About: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=AboutUs.html
Boxes: https://www.associatedbag.com/ShowCategory.aspx?CategoryID=2425

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Associated Bag1938Wisconsin, United StatesHerb Rubenstein

Western Container Postal Box

A high-end manufacturer with headquarters in Wisconsin that creates paper tubes, paper core products, and thousands of various stock boxes, cartons, and packaging supplies made from sturdy Kraft corrugated cartons that are completely recyclable.

Homepage: https://www.westerncontainercorp.com/
Products: https://www.westerncontainercorp.com/paper-tubes.html
About: https://www.westerncontainercoke.com/about-us
Contact: https://www.westerncontainercoke.com/contact

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Western Container Corporation1979United StatesEric Scott

Deluxe Packaging, Inc.

Manufacturer of bin boxes and other custom and conventional cardboard packaging. There are several other types of corrugated boxes available, including slotted boxes, telescope boxes, folders, rigid boxes, and self-erecting boxes. Regular boxes, cube cartons, test stock cartons, garment boxes, clothing boxes, textile cartons, printer cartons, moving cartons, Gaylord cartons, and file cartons are all examples of corrugated stock boxes.

Homepage: https://www.deluxepkg.com/
Products: https://catalog.deluxepkg.com/category/specialty-boxes-displays
About: https://www.deluxepkg.com/about-us/
Corrugated Boxes: https://www.deluxepkg.com/corrugated-slotted-boxes/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Deluxe Packaging, Inc.1982Pennsauken, New Jersey, United StatesKenneth Hoffman

Larsen Postal Box

Manufacturer of kraft corrugated boxes that are produced on demand. Boxes can be divided into a variety of categories, such as stock, heavy-duty, bulk cargo, multi-depth, cube, flat, printer’s, side loading, computer packing, moving, and telescoping boxes. Flat boxes are appropriate for transporting clothing, books, picture frames, artwork, mirrors, and flat items. Programs for vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and stock products are available. Orders for blankets accepted. For fiberboard, paper, and corrugated boxes, custom sizes and printing are also available.

Homepage: https://waybeyondthebox.com/
About: https://larsenpackaging.com/about-us
Products: https://waybeyondthebox.com/stock-products/
Corrugated Mailers: https://larsenpackaging.com/products/corrugated-mailers.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Larsen Packaging Products, Inc1987 United StatesBill Larsen

Packola Postal Box

A provider of custom packaging boxes that values small businesses. All companies and people can order premium custom packaging boxes from Packola. They provide a wide range of product packaging alternatives. Packola provides all the packaging needs of its clients, including exquisitely crafted corrugated shipping boxes, printing boxes, custom mailer boxes, and affordable custom boxes.

Homepage: https://www.packola.com/
About: https://www.packola.com/pages/about-packola
Custom Boxes: https://www.packola.com/products/product-box
Mailer Boxes: https://www.packola.com/products/mailer-box

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Packola2019Haskell Ave, Van Nuys, CAArash Shoushtari

Packlane Mailer Box

Packlane allows special items that are sent in unique bundles, whether they are modest cartons, large printed shipping boxes, custom mailer or postal boxes, or everything in between. They give you the resources to create something stimulating on the outside, enticing your customers about what’s within. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes.

Homepage: https://packlane.com/
About: https://packlane.com/about
Boxes: https://packlane.com/packlane-plus
Mailer Boxes: https://packlane.com/product/bulk-mailer-boxes

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Packlane2015California, United StatesMiriam Brafman

What are Postal Boxes?

Postal Boxes are commonly referred to as PO Boxes or post office boxes. Locked storage areas called “postal boxes” are used by post offices to receive deliveries and mail. Postal boxes must only be used to receive mail that has been supplied to you by a courier service that has been approved by the government, not as a storage or security compartment. The Postal Box cannot be used by another person. With PO boxes, you may maintain your privacy while yet being able to receive mail from anyone. After all, a PO box does have an actual street address; the only distinction is that it is a postal office rather than a home or apartment.

Different Postal Box Types

Among the most common styles of postal boxes includes

White Postal Boxes

White Postal Boxes are made to produce lean dispatch solutions that cut down on your postal expenses. These white postal boxes are of the standard 0427 design and are made of tough corrugated for a custom mailing boxes solution. They are sent flat packaged, folded to assemble, and can be taped shut for further security during transit. Our inexpensive postal boxes are all sized to suit Royal Mail size restrictions for Large Letter Postal Boxes and Small Parcel Postal Boxes, making them ideal for dispatch companies operating on a tight budget. We are confident that we will have a cardboard postal box that is ideal for your needs given the wide choice of available postal boxes sizes. These postal boxes are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, and constructed from sustainable and recycled materials, just like all of our cardboard boxes.


Brown Postal Boxes

Brown Postal Boxes are made to conform with Royal Mail Small Parcel size to produce slimline despatch solutions that minimize your postal costs while providing the best value. Our inexpensive postal boxes are manufactured from sturdy corrugated boxes for a strong mailing solution, making them ideal for dispatch operations operating on a tight budget. Standard 0427 design, folding to assemble, with integrated locking tabs for increased rigidity, and with the ability to be taped shut for increased security during transit. They are provided flat packed to save space in your warehouse. These brown postal boxes are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, and constructed from sustainable and recycled materials, much like all of our cardboard packaging.

Large Letter Postal Boxes

Large Letter Postal Boxes are the ideal cardboard mailing box for situations in which minimizing your postal costs is of the utmost significance. They adhere to Royal Mail size to provide you with the finest value. This popular A4, A5, and A6 slimline postal boxes are available in 3 sizes to fit your needs for whatever you’re shipping and have a depth of up to 20mm. Standard 0427 design, flat packed for delivery, foldable assembly with built-in locking tabs to prevent crushing, taped shut for increased security during transit. These large letter post boxes are not only an economical choice, but also a green one because they are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, constructed of sustainable materials, and they are built from recycled materials.

Who Utilizes Postal Boxes

Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics industry is one of the industries that use postal boxes most frequently. Other industries, notably the food and beverage business, employ it in addition to the cosmetic industry. It can help you make your products look better and make them more appealing to clients.

Electronics and Electrical Industry

To avoid damage during shipment, electrical and electronic devices must be shipped securely and safely. For these products, the postal boxes are used because they are sturdy enough to prevent dents and scratches during shipping while being lightweight enough to not increase the cost of your cargo.

Medical Care and Other Supplies

Medical supplies, medications, and other healthcare products are frequently stored in postal boxes in the healthcare sector. These goods can be kept safe and secure during transportation by using the postal transportation box to help prevent damage. These boxes are typically composed of materials that can be easily cut with a knife or pair of scissors, such as plastic or cardboard.


One of the primary industries that use postal boxes is the automotive industry. They are strong and have a good resistance to abrasion, which is the main cause of this. It is also crucial to remember that they offer the goods being shipped excellent protection. These boxes are perfect for delivering automobile components including engines, tires, and wheels because of the material used in their construction.


Due to their hardness and longevity, postal boxes are often used in the chemical industry, because of their corrosion resistance and resistance to other environmental elements like water, sunshine, etc . These boxes are perfect for use in chemical firms where there is a high level of humidity or exposure to elements like water, sunlight, etc.

Food Industry

Enclosures are built for indoor or outdoor use to protect personnel from access to hazardous parts, to protect the equipment inside the enclosure from ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and windblown dust), to protect the equipment from harmful effects caused by the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow), and to provide an additional level of protection.

Types of Materials Used For Manufacturing Postal Boxes

Brand managers are aware that everything has a message. Therefore, businesses must give their custom postal boxes guide careful consideration. Options consist of:

Card Stock Paper For Boxes

Sometimes known as pasteboard or card paper. It is thicker than usual paper to make it more durable enough to shape the paper box (such as a kraft paper box) or strong enough for a book cover. Thickness may be customized, and it also has a variety of surfaces for label papers, like card stock paper in gold and silver.

Kraft Paper For Boxes

It is a porous paperboard with high elasticity and high tear resistance, developed for packing products with high needs for strength and durability. In addition to having adequate strength to shape the boxes, it could be utilized without printing.

Paperboard For Boxes

It i|s a type of thick paper material that is cast and compressed into thickness by pulp. Because of its roughness, it cannot be printed. Typically, it is used with printed coated paper to create boxes. It has enough heft to support the form.


It is commonly known as high-density fiberboard is a type of wood board. Typically, a thinner board, between 2 and 4 millimeters, with printed coated paper adhered. This board has the benefit of being stronger and more durable than paperboard. When a box is too large, this option is the best.

Corrugated Fiberboard

It is a material made up of one or two flat liner boards and a fluted corrugated sheet. It is produced on “corrugators” or “flute lamination machines” and is used to make cardboard boxes.

Polypropylene (PP)

A high-density plastic with outstanding durability and strong impact strength, polypropylene is perfect for packing applications including shipping containers and crates for large machinery.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Postal Box for Your Business

Postal boxes are a wonderful e-commerce packaging boxesoption if you run an e-commerce or dispatch-based firm because they are made to be quick and simple to assemble, quick to pack, and closely matched to the most popular postal sizes.

Your postal costs can be significantly decreased by making sure the packages you mail fit as nearly as possible to the available postal sizes. There are many affordable postal boxes available, with over 40 sizes and 5 different styles to pick from. This guide will help you select the best postal box for your needs.

Invest in long-lasting quality

No matter how inventive or distinctive the boxes you select are, their effectiveness depends on how well they safeguard the goods they contain. Spend money on high-quality packing supplies to keep goods safe as they travel through the supply chain. Although sturdy, high-quality boxes may cost extra, they should be factored into the price of your goods. Of course, keep in mind that buying sturdy, tamper-evident boxes up front will be less expensive than continually replacing shipments that are damaged (and have to go through this packaging search again later down the line).

Use only standard sizes and shapes

 Save money by using common sizes and shapes that container manufacturers can easily produce. While unusual sizes and shapes can draw attention to the store, the extra money spent and difficulties encountered during packaging manufacturers are not worth it. You can have flexibility and ease during storage, handling, and transportation by selecting conventional forms and sizes. You might be able to place smaller orders and save money if you avoid bespoke packaging alternatives. Instead, invest those savings in wise design decisions that can increase your brand’s visibility and effect.

Utilize Unexpected Cost Savings

 Materials, standard sizes, who you buy from, and how much you order all have an impact on how affordable boxes are. All of these are givens. However, you should also consider other, non-traditional ways that the boxes you select could enable you to save money.


It is commonly known as high-density fiberboard is a type of wood board. Typically, a thinner board, between 2 and 4 millimeters, with printed coated paper adhered. This board has the benefit of being stronger and more durable than paperboard. When a box is too large, this option is the best.

Think about the settings for transportation and distribution

What environmental conditions will your package need to withstand? Take into account the entire supply chain: your product will travel from your product line to a truck to a distribution center. It will then probably be unpalletized and loaded onto another truck that will be driving to nearby retail establishments. You must select products and case packaging that are sturdy enough to endure each of these various environments when transporting packaged food by freight truck. Consider how far your product will travel on a truck and whether it will be shipped inside a pallet for protection or just in a case. The most crucial factor is that your product arrives at the place where it will be sold unharmed and exactly how you want your target clients to receive it.

Prioritize Sustainability

 When choosing a box packing, consider sustainability, especially if you plan to sell to the natural food, nutraceutical, or body care sectors. Look for recyclable boxes at the very least to please your customers and project a greener, more environmentally concerned image for your company.

Things to Consider When Choosing Postal Box Manufacturers

The product line

It’s crucial to consider both the choice of packaging materials and the caliber of the goods offered by the potential provider. Do they provide all you require to combine postal box suppliers? How frequently do they replenish their inventory? Are they willing to source materials as needed? These are just a few inquiries you might want to make after finishing your investigation.


 You need a provider who considers the larger picture given the enormous variety of packing materials available. An expert provider will take both hard and soft costs into account when recommending the packaging options that are most suitable for your business. You should look for a provider who is knowledgeable about the sector you work in because they will be able to identify the typical problems and pain points you are experiencing. As a result, prompt solutions that are effective and economical will be found.


 Pricing. Undoubtedly, this is a crucial point. You must obtain competitive estimates from possible packaging vendors. However, keep in mind that your business may end up paying more in the long run as a result of damaged returns, higher shipping costs, and even failed shipments if you don’t take into account the level of service you’re receiving compared to others, the soft costs, and don’t sacrifice quality for the cheapest option.

Lead Time

Considering how quickly many organizations operate, even a small delay in obtaining materials can negatively impact output and result in financial loss. Products for packing are typically required quickly after being ordered. Therefore, be careful to consider projected delivery times and whether or not next-day delivery is an option for you when choosing your packaging supplier.

Customer Service & Feedback

 The amount of customer care you’ll get from your packaging supplier is an important factor to take into account. It’s critical to understand what to anticipate in terms of:

Answer and communication times:

How quickly can you anticipate getting a response to general questions?

Expected resolution times:

How long does the packaging provider anticipate it will take you to solve your issues?

Do they provide specialized account management at their packaging supplier?

Medium-sized and large businesses might find this to be quite helpful.


In conclusion, paying attention to customer service is vital. How simple is it for your supplier to create packaging? It ought to be a simple process.
Even if everything you’ve seen and heard about a particular packaging supplier is favorable, it’s still a good idea to read a few reviews to be sure. Before placing that order, you’ll want to be sure that other companies have good experience with the same source.
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