Pouch Manufacturer of 2022

Pouches now are a popular choice in product packaging concepts because of the qualities that most businessman needs for their goods. It has refined flexibility that suits liquid products, seals and edges that most food and beverage businesses want, and other features that companies would prefer that suit their products. With the demand rising in our market, packaging manufacturers ventured out and created technology to broaden the pouch packaging manufacturing industry to support and back up the increasing pouch demand from small to large businesses worldwide.
A pouch is a small container commonly made from paper, foil, plastic film, and other types of packing material. It is often used to contain-single use quantities of consumer goods like shampoo.
From a business perspective, pouch packaging is a flexible packaging product made up of plastic film, foil, and a spout cap for liquid products. This packaging is designed with the flexible needs of the consumers for it is flexible in sizing options which any product could fit. Pouches are lightweight, compact, and have minimal product waste because it has flexible materials that break down after usage. Manufacturers nowadays also made most pouches now recycle-ready.
Pouch Manufacturers of 2022

Pouch Manufacturer Market Overview

In Us, the rising demand for packaged food and beverages coupled with the convenience of use and effectiveness of pouches are the primary factors. The global pouches market size was valued at $36.44 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth of 5.5% from 2020 to 2028. Pouch packaging occupies less space in transport vehicles due to its compact design and its lightweight feature significantly cost associated with the factors of transportation. It is also stated that the main driver of pouch high market penetration is the ready-to-eat meals in the country which has busy lifestyles and a high number of working individuals. The global pouched package food market is continuously growing because of changing lifestyles and innovating our food processing techniques.

Leading Manufacturers of Pouch

Choosing the right pouch manufacturer serves a big role in the future of your business. Right, and best quality pouch equals good finish product. Here are some of the leading pouch suppliers in the industry.

Pearl Tech Pouch

Pearl Tech Inc. is one of the leading pouch manufacturers in the flexible packaging and blown films industry. They built and custom-designed high-speed equipment and machinery for pouch manufacturing. They are once recognized as the best innovative plastic pouch provider. Pearl Tech Inc. pouch was released in the year 1985 and started the revolutionized flexible bag manufacturing.
They are a solution-based focused partner that uses a unique and quality production process. Their success and reputation in this pouch industry were built from product innovation, outstanding customer service, and excellent quality products.

Pearl Tech Official Website:
Pearl Tech Pouch:
About Pearl Technologies Inc:
Pearl Tech Custom Pouch Solution:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO

Pearl Technology Inc.

Savannah, NY 13146, USA
Jane Coyne

Scholle Pouch Packaging

Simply Flexible is the main tagline of Scholle IPN. Because they provide easy-to-use ergonomic, top-notch packaging manufacturing facilities that reduce stress throughout their supply chain. They strive to work with every client with the best tailor-fit solutions for their business pouch packaging. Scholle also offers bag-in-box packaging, fitments, film, equipment packaging, and more.
Scholle IPN engineers barrier films, ergonomic fitments, and custom pouch packaging with state-of-the-art filling equipment to create total packaging solutions for their customers. They participate in markets around the globe in the food, beverage, and non-food applications for retail and even industrial packaging solutions.

Scholle IPN Official Website: https://www.scholleipn.com/
Scholle Pouch: https://www.scholleipn.com/pouches/
About Scholle IPN: https://www.scholleipn.com/about/
Scholle IPN Flexible Packaging: https://www.scholleipn.com/value/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Scholle IPN
Northlake, Illinois, United States
Ross Bushnell

Fillcon Pouch

Fillcon was established in the year 2011. They are producing billions of eco-friendly sachets and recyclable liquid pouches for the world’s biggest brands. Fillcon provides high-quality custom pouch packaging to all their customers in the best service possible. They aim to exceed every customer’s expectations, with their team of experts and the latest technology they surely hit every point of it.
Their customers are usually brand owners that have the same values as theirs. Companies that worked hard to provide the best product to offer in the market. Fillcon is an environment-friendly company that provides recyclable liquid sachets packaging, and biodegradable pouches for liquids. With Fillcon, you not just help your business grow, but you also help mother nature be protected and safer from other plastic contaminants. Choose eco sachet by Fillcon.

Fillcon Pouch Official Website:
Fillcon Pouch:
About Fillcon:
Fillcon Cosmetic Sachets &Packaging Solutions:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Clevedon, Somerset, UK
Richard Auty

PouchMakers Pouches

One of Canada’s leading producers and innovators of high-quality flexible packaging. They have the main manufacturing facility in India and marketing offices branch around the globe. They produce varieties of eco-friendly stand-up pouches depending on their company clients. They produce pouches for organic food, superfoods, pet foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic, agriculture, pesticides, hygiene, detergents, and many more.
PouchMaker is a leading packaging pouch manufacturer specializing in standup pouches, coffee bags, custom printed pouches, cannabis packaging, smell-proof bags, eco-friendly packaging, and 3 side seal pouches like flat pouches and pillow pouches. They offer a full range of packaging solutions for almost all types of industries. They commit to the pursuit of excellence in customer service and quality assurance.

PouchMakers Official Website:
PouchMakers Pouch:
About PouchMaker:
Custom Printed Pouches by PouchMaker:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Mississauga, ON L5L 6A9, Canada
Nick Patel

SmartPouches Packaging

SmartPouches is a Flexi Pack company that supplies quality types of pouch packaging like standup pouches, flat and plows bottom pouches, bottom gusset pouches, roll stock films, and specialized flexible packaging solutions. They supply packaging products to food and non-food industries. SmartPouches were known throughout Europe, America, and Asia. They make quality products at the most competitive price.
SmartPouches assist and assess their clients to get what they want and proceed to product development with their best team of experts for product manufacturing. With this, they are able to provide best-fit pouch packaging for their client’s products. They offer wrapping solutions for all types of industries.
Their extensive series of premium-made standup pouches, flat bottom stand-up pouches with features and options, and laminated films make it easy to provide what their clients want and deserve. SmartPouches together with their highly skilled and trained staff, will work passionately to make the best products and provide top-notch service.

SmartPouch Official Website:
SmartPouch Packaging:
About SmartPouch:
Custom Pouch by SmartPouch:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
London, England, UK
Sam Patel

ABC Packaging Direct Pouches

ABC Packaging Direct believes that “Small Business roots, big business results.” They are a packaging business struggling in the first years of starting a company in the year 1958. They are able to navigate the key things to stand out in this industry and started to design and target pouch packaging for big companies.
They empowered small businesses to create markets and expand their product lines with their custom-fit pouch packagings like stand-up pouch packaging, and stand-up paper pouches. But this time, the quantity is not a differentiator, for they are able to give big values to other starting companies to build names in the industry. ABC Packaging Direct pouches support businesses of all sizes. They examine every single step of the process and can guarantee that every customer gets the best quality, service, and support they need to run smoothly their businesses.

ABC Packaging Direct Official Website: https://www.standuppouches.net/
ABC Packaging Pouches: https://bit.ly/3Pr8a1N
About ABC Packaging: https://www.standuppouches.net/about-us
Why Choose ABC Packaging: https://www.standuppouches.net/why-choose-us

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ABC Packaging Direct
Westlake, Ohio
David Marinac

Hi Bags Pouch

Hi Bags was founded in 2006, and certified by international standards and guidelines like BRC, BSCI, and ISO. They are a large-scale manufacturer of plastic bags, films, and custom-made pouch packaging with over 300 skilled workers and effective management which ensures high-quality products and the best customer service. Their products have been transported to America, Australia, Canada, Europe, and other 45 countries around the globe.
With more than 14 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, Hi Bags has offered a variety of packaging products for options from zip lock bags, printed pouches, custom seal bags, laminated pouch packaging, and PE slider bags to co-ex films. Hi Bags’ team of professionals focuses on research, development, and innovation to continually give the best product and service their customers deserve.

Hi Bags Official Website: https://hibags.com/
Hi Bags Pouch: https://hibags.com/custom-stand-up-pouch-bags/
About Hi Bags: https://hibags.com/about/
Hi Bags Custom Packaging Solution: https://hibags.com/custom-coffee-bags-packaging/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
HI Bags
Qingdao, China
Peter Xu

SunFlex Packagers Pouch

SunFlex Packagers Inc. was established in the year 2002 in Cranford N.J USA that offers wide services in flexo printing, pouch packaging, PE extrusion, and lamination. Their success program is a complete sourcing model that provides complete assessments to their customers including Inventory Management, stock and Ship Services, Volume Discounts, Low Cost, Price Lock-ins on contracts, Technical support providing innovative solutions, and an in-house art team to assist with pre-press development processes.
SunFlex has been in the packaging industry for over 20 years and its main mission is to meet its customers’ total flexible packaging needs and exceed their expectations solutions in a reliable and cost-effective manner. By providing the best quality industrial packaging products, they commit to continuing to learn and discover solutions to provide sustainable and eco-efficient relationships. SunFlex promise to leave no opportunity unturned to consolidate its position to customers. Company values reflect product and service qualities.

Sunflex Official Website: https://sunflexpackagers.com/
SunFlex Packagers Pouch: https://sunflexpackagers.com/our-milestones
About SubFlex Packagers: https://sunflexpackagers.com/our-milestones
SunFlex’s Flexible Packaging Solution: https://sunflexpackagers.com/products

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Sunflex Packagers, Inc.
Cranford, USA
Manny Patel

Pouches Inc. Pouch Bags

This is a third-generation company that originated in 1969. Pouches Inc. Dedicates itself to ensuring perfection in all its packaging services. They serve their customer with complete integrity. Their years of experience and expertise in this industry make their company a solid pouch bag manufacturer that offers only quality pouch packaging and customer service.
Pouches Inc.’s professional environment focuses on product detail attention, innovation, flexibility, reliability, and versatility. They have manufactured hundreds of thousands of pouches quality stand-up pouch bags. As they provide quality products, good customer service, and price-effective packaging, they continually get the trust of their customer clients.

Pouches Inc. Official Website: https://pouchesinc.com/
Pouches Inc. Pouch: https://pouchesinc.com/services/flexible-packaging/
About Pouches Inc.: https://pouchesinc.com/about-us/
Contract Packaging Service by Pouches Inc.: https://pouchesinc.com/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Pouches Inc.
Ontario, CA USA
Dave Nagy

Econo-Pak Pouch

Econo-Pak has been a contract packaging company in North America for over 30 years. Founded by Wiebel Family, who focused on technological and process advancement through high-level quality systems. EconoPak Pouches has modernized equipment for efficiency models and continually dive Econo-Pak’s growth as a pouch provider.
Over the years, Econo-Pak has partnered with clients both large and small including independent firms to provide eco-friendly stand-up pouches. They have 240,000 square feet of production space with over 200 different packaging machines. For they offer packaging solutions to meet everyone’s specifications with ease of minding the sizes or scopes.

EconoPak Official Website: https://econo-pak.com/
EconoPak Pouch: https://econo-pak.com/product-packaging-services/contract-packaging/
About EconoPak: https://econo-pak.com/about-us/
Pouch Filling Service: https://econo-pak.com/product-packaging-services/contract-packaging/pouch-filling/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Milford, PA
PJ Wiebel

What is Pouch Packaging?

A pouch is a small container commonly made from paper, foil, plastic film, and other types of packing material. It is often used to contain-single use quantities of consumer goods like shampoo. From a business perspective, pouch packaging is a flexible packaging product made up of plastic film, foil, and a spout cap for liquid products. This packaging is designed with the flexible needs of the consumers for it is flexible in sizing options which any product could fit. Pouches are lightweight, compact, and have minimal product waste because it has flexible materials that break down after usage. Manufacturers nowadays also made most pouches now recycle-ready.

Types of Pouch

There is a wide variety of pouch types available specifically designed for product types, applications, and other custom specifications and characteristics. Here are some of the popular pouch types seen on the market.

Flat/StandUp Type

This type of packaging pouch has a bottom gusset to stand. It is a simple shape and easy-to-employ pouch that allows for holding products that are self-standing.

Twin Pouch

This is a pouch type that has center perforation, which allows the product to have two portions, Side A and Side B. This style is also compatible with flat and standup pouch styles.

Gusset with Double Layer Top Pouch

This type of pouch type has a square, flat bottom, and full side gussets. This pouch is a self-standing pouch and allows maximum usage of capacity because of its full-side gussets. It also requires filling equipment designed for gusset pouches.

Twisted Tie Pouch

This type of pouch gives a classic twist tie appearance that provides reliability. The twist tie or crimp tie is added after the pouch is filled and sealed.

Center Spout Flat/StandUp Pouch

This kind of pouch is usually used in sauces, oils, seasonings, and personal care products. Its flat shape and center spout feature give perfect space for liquid products.

Corner Spout Pouch

This is a type of pouch that has a flat corner spout, single-layer side gusset, and standup. This is usually filled from the top which gives the easy-pour pouch format.

Center Spout Pouch

This type of pouch is a side gusset pouch that has a center opening and brick shape that is usually used in beverages and puree products.


Gusset with Single Layer Top Pouch

This pouch type is square, flat bottom, and has partial side gussets. It is self-standing and has fold-over side gussets that are intended for flat standup pouch styles.



This type of pouch packaging gives various shape designs depending on customer preference and application. This design improved pouch convenience and enhanced its usability and features.

Types of Material Used for Manufacturing Pouch

Packaging pouches are used in different products with different specifications and characteristics are needed. Listed below are some of the main materials used in manufacturing pouches.

Metal Foil

Metal foil is also known as aluminum foil. It is a paper-thin, tiny sheet of aluminum metal commonly used for food and beverage products. An aluminum foil pouch is industrially used for a variety of purposes including packing, insulation, and even transportation.


Polyesters are in the category of polymers. This material is also called polyethylene terephthalate which includes natural chemicals from plants and insects. Natural polyesters and synthetic ones are all biodegradable making them an eco-friendly material loved by everyone.


Polypropylene is also known as polypropene. It is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications like product packaging and many more. This kind of material is slightly hard and heat resistant. It is also said as the most produced commodity plastic in the market since 2019.

Who Uses Pouch?

Along with the food and beverage industry, many other industries benefit from using flexible pouch packaging. These include:


Resealable pouch packaging can be used for make-up removing wipes and cotton pads while flexible sample pouches can be used for lotion, foundation, concealer, and serum.


Food companies also use pouch packaging. Food pouch packaging is commonly used by food companies that focus on instant sealed foods.

Personal Care

Pouch packaging is ideal for single-use medications and personal products.

Household Cleaning

Pouch packaging offers an ideal solution for cleaning powder, single-use detergent packets, and more.

Pet Food Packaging

Pouch packaging is suitable for containing dog food and treats.

Things to consider when Choosing the Right Pouch for your Business

Properly designed product packaging equals good quality finished products. Pouches packaging is the top pick of businesses for their products, it has shapes and functions that truly affect their product value. Pouches are commonly made up of layers of plastic films, aluminum foils, vapor-deposited film, and other materials depending on product types. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a pouch for your business:


Make sure the pouch you will choose is user convenience. The design of your pouch surely has a feature that is compatible with your product. For example, pouch handles and microwavable pouches for foods.

Design Quality

Pouch packaging must be in special shapes to provide appeal and brand identity. This also adds value to your goods.


Pouch packaging must have quality sealing. This gives preciseness and uniformity to your products. Durable and seal strength ensures quality finish product packaging.


The pouch can have reclosable zippers and spouts. Zippers and spouts allow the consumers to the pouch contents at their pace. This also preserves product freshness.

Resources Conserver

Packaging pouches approximately use 75% fewer materials than plastic containers or bottles.

Things to Consider When Choosing Pouch Manufacturers

There are several factors to consider when choosing pouch manufacturers for your business and here are some:

Consumers Friendly

Pouch packaging must be extremely consumer-friendly. Pouches make it easy to access snacks or baking ingredients, while resealable packaging ensures freshness, keeps out contaminants and prevents spills.

Good for Branding

Can custom graphics that can highlight your brand for clearer windows that allow consumers to see the product inside. Flexible pouch containers are easily customized for effective branding.

Customizable Properties

Custom pouches, films, and other barrier materials must protect your product from light, air, or moisture.

Shipping and Handling

Pouch packaging must be easier and more cost-effective to transport. This will help you save money and also reduces your carbon footprint due to less fuel consumption.

Lower Production Costs

Their pouch packaging must be easier to form and require less material than rigid packages. With this, they are able to reduce production time, waste, and energy consumption.


The number of greenhouse gases they use to produce flexible packaging must be lower compared to producing traditional packaging materials and also using sustainable materials.

Can Increase Shelf Life and Freshness

Pouch barriers and resealable openings can keep out UV light, moisture, dust, and more to ensure the product stays fresher and longer.


Pouches are used as the main packaging substitute for most food and beverage products in the market giving it a new form of a revolutionized era for pouch packaging. As one of the fastest growing components in the packaging industry, pouch packaging adds value and marketability to food and non-food industries. The industry’s innovations and advancements in technology led to the development of lighter-weight packaging that enhanced strength, product protection, shelf appeal, and the ability to reseal. Pouch’s versatility, custom qualities, efficiency, and sustainability, gives the business owners a point to discuss their products. Given the guides and information above, pouches are today’s key figure to companies and businesses whose products need to be stored in a packet container. If you are one of those, this information will help you figure out what’s, why’s, and whom’ in the pouch packaging industry.
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