Printer Paper Suppliers of 2022

Looking for the top Printer Paper Suppliers? We have collected the leading Printer Paper companies in the industry who offer the best custom specifications for all their Printer Paper that they need. These companies have made the topmost quality paper that you are looking for.
Printer papers are widely utilized in various consumer industries like newspapers, magazines, books, and other small to large commercial printing companies. Printing pamphlets, brochures, flyers, leaflets, and other marketing collateral.
With this extensive demand for printer paper due to the uprising printing market, manufacturers and suppliers were given another generation of paper manufacturing era.
Printer Paper Suppliers of 2022

Printer Paper Market Overview

The printing paper market in the US has an estimated market value of USD 15.2 billion in the year 2020, while China is projected to forecast USD 14.8 billion in the year 2027. These large numbers of forecasted printer paper in the biggest countries determine the fast-growing global printing industry. Consumers have been pushing the demand for paper-printed products that give an edge to big paper manufacturing companies in the world. This so-called printing era was built due to the market demand for printing collaterals for small to big businesses and applications on home and office structures. The printer paper market also determines the usage of trees in every quarter of the year that was used in paper manufacturing. Given that fact, mills nowadays converted to using agricultural waste material to substitute wood pulps/fiber as the main raw component in manufacturing paper. Giving the rate of 8% lesser number of cut trees due to paper manufacturing.

Leading Printer Paper Supplier

Printing paper supplier is one of the biggest industries now in the world supplying millions of homes, offices, and small to large businesses worldwide. Here are some of the leading printer paper suppliers in the market:

Agri Chance Printer Paper

Agri Chance Co.Ltd. is a factory that provides high-end printing and packaging papers. They have rich production experience and equipment manufacturing equipment that backs up their quality paper products. Their products are widely used in printing, packaging, publishing, and other field applications. Agri Chance also has a wide distribution market. Their paper products were distributed all over Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.
Agri Chance Printer Paper diversified development in their strategic planning opens more room for eco-friendly manufacturing processes. They aim to build stronger businesses through a commitment to quality and continuous growth.
Agri Chance Official Website:
Agri Chance Printer Paper:
About Agri Chance:
Agri Chance Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Agri Chance
Lampang, Thailand

LLDA Import and Export Co. Ltd

LLDA Import and Export Co. Ltd is a wholesaler, distributor, and supplier of copy papers in the worldwide market. They are a Thailand-based company that has long years of experience and expertise in the paper industry. Its main mission is to satisfy all its customers with quality products and lead the paper trading market worldwide. LLDA Office were able to maintain the quality of their product by ensuring all their products underwent strict quality tests under our expert quality controllers.
LLDA Import and Export specializes in A2 copy paper, A3 paper, and recycled newspapers. They have a dedicated team of experts that allows them to perform strategic management to perform well in the market.

LLDA Official Website:
LLDA Import and Export Papers:
About LLDA Import and Export Co. Ltd.:
LLDA Import and Export Paper Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
LLDA Import and Export Co. Ltd
Mueang Surat Thani 84000 Thailand

Paper One Printer Papers

Paper One was established in the year 1998 by April Group. They focused on home, office, and commercial printing paper products. Paper One offers the best quality paper with premium characteristics like ideal thickness, opacity, and all archival qualities with a moisture-proof wrapper for secure and damage-free transport.
Paper One provides professional print-quality printer paper and debuted in the most demanding international market in the year 1998(US, Europe, and Japan). To pursue wide and quality distributions in more than 70 countries around the world.

Paper One Official Website:
Paper One Printer Papers:
About Paper One:
Paper One printing and Publishing Paper:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Paper One
Telangana, India
Sukanto Tanoto

Fantasy Paper Ltd. Printer Papers

Fantasy Paper Ltd. Printer Papers offers quality printer papers for home, office, and commercial use at the most competitive market price. They help customers become more profitable by providing them with cost-effective materials. Fantasy Paper also ensures the quality of its products by doing some random tests in its various processes. They make sure that every product is in its best condition before releasing it to the market.
Fantasy Paper makes sure that all its papers meet both local and international standards. All their processes are backed by rigorous ratification of paper manufacturing up to packaging to export to different markets globally.

Fantasy Paper Ltd. Official Website:
Fantasy Paper Ltd. Papers:
About Fantasy Paper:
Fantasy Papers Ltd. Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Fantasy Paper Ltd.
Huai Chorakhe, Nakhon Pathom,
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
Natcha Jetcharungwong

envoPAP Printer Papers

envoPAP is a paper manufacturing company that originated in Southampton in the year 2015. Their founders foresaw the bigger picture of continuous unaligned paper and packaging factory processes in the industry. So they stood and wanted to disrupt it and build envoPAP. They want to reduce the burden on earth caused by these productions, so they started considering innovative and sustainable processes. Instead of green-washed materials, they use huge agricultural waste as their main raw materials. Instead of cutting down trees, they use this agricultural waste to produce a quality paper. They are able to save almost a million trees from chopping down since they commercialized in 2015.
They believe in embracing real sustainability at every level of their company, from technologies and production processes to ethical treatment of all their employees.

envoPAP Official Website:
envoPAP Printer Papers:
About envoPAP:
envoPAP Sustainable Papers:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
London, UK
Kaushal Shah

Midland Printer Papers

Midland was established over the past 30 years. Midland Printer Paper has developed from three stocking divisions and a lot of workers to one of the biggest independently owned fine printer paper and bundling merchants within the nation with 18 stocking divisions, a flourishing brokerage commerce, and more than 550 workers.
Midland Paper has advanced quickly over a long time. In spite of its fast development, Midland Printer Papers has continuously remained committed to its accomplices, clients, workers, and suppliers. These values are Midland’s most elevated needs. Each esteem shapes how we trade and makes a difference guide Midland.

Midland Official Website:
Midland Printer Papers:
About Mindland:
Mindland Sustainability Papers:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Midland Paper Packaging
Palatine Rd, Wheeling, IL 60090, USA
Mike Graves

Atlantic Papers

Atlantic Papers and Supply are one of southern New England’s most seasoned family-owned sources for mechanical packaging and shipping, janitorial, support, security, and office supplies. Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, they have been the go-to asset for hundreds of business clients since 1948. Their progress is inferable to the reality that they care about the same things you do and supply you with quality items rapidly at the most excellent price. They have built their notoriety on giving their clients old fashion, award-winning personalized benefits, and take awesome pride in dealing with all trade exchanges with honesty and integrity.
Atlantic Official Website:
Atlantic Papers:
About Atlantic:
Atlantic Other Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Atlantic Paper and Supply
85 York Avenue Pawtucket
David Spencer

Global Sources Printer Paper

Global Sources is a globally recognized multichannel B2B sourcing stage committed to encouraging worldwide exchange. The company interfaces authentic buyers and confirmed providers around the world with custom-made sourcing arrangements and reliable market data, making a difference them react to advertise changes and rapidly seizing modern trade opportunities. For over half a century, Global Sources Printer Paper Supplier has been advancing true exchange through its wealthy portfolio of channels, such as its B2B online platform exchange appears, trade coordinating, magazines and live sourcing talks.
Nowadays, Global Sources plays a vital part in encouraging worldwide exchange. The company serves more than 10 million enlisted users and clients around the world, counting 97 of world’s beat 100 retailers. As a world-recognized pioneer within the sourcing business, Global Sources Printer Paper is committed to encouraging worldwide exchange and making contrast within the world. This commitment is imbued in the corporate culture, convictions and values.
Global Sources Official Website:
Global Sources Printer Paper:
About Global Sources:
Global Sources Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Global Sources
Hu Wei

Verso Printer Paper

Verso and BillerudKorsnas have completed their merger and are authoritatively one company that is driving American worked makers of realistic, forte, and bundling paper and market mash. The title implies quality and commitment, supportability, and keenness. They offer an assortment of products, each made with pride within the USA and outlined to construct brands and commerce comes about for their clients. They make realistic paper products for coordinate mail, corporate collateral, catalogs, magazines, and books, and claim-to-fame paper products, counting discharge liner papers and name confront stock for weight delicate, glue-applied, and cover applications.
The company creates bundling paper utilized in higher-end packaging and printing applications such as welcoming cards, book covers, organizers, names, and the point-of-purchase market. They moreover make advertise mash utilized in printing, composing, claim to fame and packaging paper, facial and can tissue, and paper towels. But they are more than industry-leading products. Verso Printer Paper are individuals joined together by a enthusiasm to be the most excellent within the business. They are around quality they are almost to the clients and they care about the environment.
Verso Official Website:
Verso Printer Paper:
About Verso:
Verso Resources:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Verso and BillerudKorsnas
Miamisburg, Ohio
Christoph Michalski

Resolute Forest Product Printer Paper

Resolute Forest Products could be a worldwide pioneer within the timberland products industry with an assorted extend of products, counting market mash, tissue, wood products, and papers, which are market in over 60 countries. The company possesses or operates a few 40 offices, as well as control era resources, within joined together states and Canada. Resolute has third-party certified 100% of its overseen forests to globally recognized economical woodland administration standards.
Resolute Forests Product Printer Paper has gotten regional, North American and worldwide acknowledgment for its authority in corporate social duty and maintainable advancement, as well as for its business hones. Their corporate technique is centered on proceeding to convert the company away from developing product markets and items in fundamentally declining markets toward a more beneficial and feasible organization over the long run, established on a competitive portfolio of manufacturing resources and a strong nearness in long-term development markets.
Resolute Forest Product Official Website:
Resolute Forest Product Printer Paper:
About Resolute Forest Product:
Other Operation Paper of Resolute Forest Product:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Resolute Forest Product
Remi G. Lalonde

What is Printer Paper

Printer paper is the paper you commonly see beside your office table, drawers, your printer trays, office bulletins, receipts, and even inside envelopes. This paper is an essential object used on a day-to-day basis in your office and school life. It is important for writing and printing text or images.

Types of Printer Paper

There are several types of printer paper, each has distinct specifications used in different setups and applications. Below is the common printer paper that you encounter in your day-to-day life.

Laser Printer

Laser Printer Paper Supplier is the most common paper printer type. This paper type is a matte finish that speeds up drying and prevents smudging. It is designed for the office environment and excellent for daily memos, invoices, and other workplace documents.

Inkjet Paper

Inkjet paper is slightly thicker than laser paper, it can be glossy or smaller and has defining feature in absorbing ink. This paper is specifically designed to work with inkjet printers that create crisp color images. Inkjet papers are commonly used for businesses and greeting cards and photography.


Cardstock paper is commonly used for business cards, flyers, and trading cards. This type of paper is very thick and durable, allowing it to be transportable without damage. Cardstock is more expensive to print and requires a particular printer to use.

Bond and Label Paper

Bond and label paper or commonly known as the thermal paper is usually used in receipt printing and label making. It has a textile-like texture and uses in a wide range of applications from arts to businesses. The thermal term is from the process of printing used on this paper wherein printers use hits to burn images onto the paper.

Photo Paper

Photo paper is thicker than laser and inkjet paper which makes it more expensive paper compare to the other types. It comes in two different kinds, the glossy and the matte type. Glossy is the common photo paper that you usually see if you search on photopapers, while matte is the photo paper helpful in just specific cases. Both are designed to print high-quality images possible using inkjet printers.

Multipurpose & Copy Paper

Multipurpose paper is thinner and less expensive than laser or other material. It is the common paper usually found in a box near your printer office. It is the most popular paper type in all office workplaces because it is an affordable substitute for multiple paper types.

Types of Material Used for Printing Paper Manufacturing

Paper mills are factories that manufacture paper to distribute to all kinds of businesses and other paper-based application works. This industry was widely increasing yearly due to the rising demand for printer paper in different industries. Below are the main raw materials used in printing paper manufacturers.

Wood Fibers

Wood fiber is the traditional raw material used in manufacturing paper. These wood fibers are mixed in hot water to create pulp. Wood pulps will be added to other additives like dyes and fillers to improve paper properties, then cleaned and bleached to be ready to spread over the mesh. Then a fourdrinier machine with a moving belt, dandy roll for pressing, and heated rollers complete the drying process. The final touches will be smoothing, coating, embossing, and trimming.

Recycled Papers

Recycled paper is also one of the best eco-friendly materials to use to provide paper. It is also a way to reuse paper waste and convert them into new paper to circulate on the market.

Agricultural Waste Material

Dealing with too many lost trees in paper manufacturing, innovators discover the use of agricultural waste material or other plant-based fibers as the main raw material in manufacturing paper. Some of the paper mills converted to this kind of material to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly resource.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Printer Paper for your Business

Here is the standard paper specification to keep in mind when choosing the right printer paper for your business. With these, you can simply find the precise paper needed in the different printing applications.


Knowing the size of the paper you will need is the number one factor to know. Paper comes in many sizes. A4 is the standard printer paper size and C-size printer paper is used for envelopes and far less common applications. A and C type printer paper has a secondary number attached determining the size of the paper. The larger the paper, the smaller the number. For example, A1 is the largest and A10 is the smallest.


You should also familiarize yourself with paper’s weights. Laser paper is technically considered multipurpose paper or copy paper, which is thinner and less expensive. The common papers you usually find are in a box next to your office printer.


Opacity is also known as transparency in the printer paper industry. The opacity is a measure of how much can be seen through a sheet of paper. This is measured with percentages where 0% represents see-through materials. It is a factor to consider when printing double-sided because ink could bleed through resulting in ruining documents.


Ream is the specification of the amount of paper in a single bundle. Printer papers are commonly sold in reams, which is a pack of 500 sheets. Home users or small offices often use single reams while big businesses purchase cases of reams.


Printer paper is commonly made up of wood fiber, but there are other papers that are made up of plastic or other synthetic materials. These special papers are used in specific applications that require durability. There are also papers that are made up of recycled materials and are purely eco-friendly.


Brightness is co-related to the material used. Some printer paper used plastic or synthetic material for extra layers for extra features like brightness and durability. These kinds of papers are specifically used in specific applications.

Coated & Uncoated

There are three types of paper coating, UV, varnish, and aqueous. Varnish coating is affordable but less durable other than other options usually used in many standard workplace documents. UV coatings are the highest quality and the most expensive and are used for professional grade photo printing and other premium level applications. Aqueous coating is the coat used for fingerprinting and damage mark resistance.


The most straightforward factor to check in a printer paper is the color. White and off-white printer paper are common in the workplace but their limitless options when it comes to paper colors. Printer papers like glossy, matte, and coated types come in different color options.

Things to Consider in Choosing your Printer Paper Manufacturer

The paper industry is growing rapidly with today’s technological advancements and consumer demand and need ability. All paper manufacturers focused on innovating their services and products to fully meet the needs of their consumers. But what are the factors you need to focus on choosing your best paper company supplier? Below are some of the key ideas to consider when choosing your paper provider.

Your Product

Paper mills and distributors offer a wide variety of paper with different types and quality. You, as the consumer/business owner should know the type of paper you need. The requirements and specifications you want. Determining your paper needs helps you choose the right paper manufacturer and will make the process easier and time-saving.


Printer paper has different prices depending on type, thickness, and specifications. Printer papers are usually sold by bundle or ream depending on the quantity your business needs. Paper mills also offer customization for your desired printer paper but will definitely shoulder additional charges depending on specifications (thickness, color, etc.)


Quality papers equate to good paper applications. It is important to ask for paper samples from your desired paper mill. Quality checking of paper before doing bulk orders is the best factor to do when choosing paper suppliers. Check the thickness, opacity, durability, color, and even the smell of your paper.


Paper is commonly made up of pulp from trees. It is a traditional way of producing paper. But if you are in an environmentally friendly company or brand, choose suppliers who offer manufactured paper from raw agricultural materials and do not chop trees into making paper.


With the given pieces of information above, it is easier now to choose the right printer paper and manufacturer for your business. By just thinking about the documents or all your printables, the desired output you want, and the papers supported by your printer, it is easy to determine the right paper for your usage. Choosing the best paper for your product starts with understanding what paper really is. Understanding its uses, production processes, the material used, and even its disposal. Knowing that your product is directly inlined with our mother earth’s future by using paper for your brands. Remember, finding the perfect printer paper can make all the difference to your final printed products. Printer paper has its key role when you are in the printing or copying business. With these points in mind, you can ease the minding of the factors that might affect your final outputs.
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