Reusable Bags Manufacturers of 2022

Are you looking for the best Reusable Bags Manufacturer? We have collected the leading Reusable Bag companies in the industry who offer custom specifications for all their reusable bag that they needs. These companies have made the top-notch quality bags that you are looking for.

Reusable bags are used by almost all people in every country, giving the edge of demand for sustainable and continuous production of them. Reusable bag manufacturers offer different custom specifications for all their shopping bags.
Usual recyclable shopping bags are washable, foldable, insulated, and can be water and scratch resistant is made up of natural plastics and polyesters.
Reusable Bag Manufacturers 2022

Reusable Bag Market Overview

The global reusable shopping bag market will reach an estimated value of $1.25 billion by 2028 because of the increasing growth of the small and big business that uses reusable bags as an additional marketing kit for their products. Marketers have seen a growth rate of 3.6% for the forecast period 2019 to 2028. Reusable bags are a perfect marketing kit for all businesses around the globe. Companies can use this bag to promote their brands by allowing their consumers to reuse it. The demand for this eco-friendly bag also helps our environment and lessens the usage of plastic. This type of marketing kit will surely grow more as years pass by and the demand for these reusable bags continues to rise.

Leading Manufacturers of Reusable Bags

Here are some of the leading players in the global reusable shopping bag industry:

VICBAG Reusable Bags

Vicbag Group introduces to the world the first reusable bag, the SUPERBAG. This company becomes the world’s market leader for reusable carrier bags. With their global presence, they are the major supplier/distributor of reusable bags in the supermarket chain. They produce over 120 million reusable bags yearly with an extensive range of high-quality materials for their eco-bag products. VICBAG developed exclusive partnerships with the best eco-friendly bag manufacturers in the world like Walmarts, Universal, Disney, Euro 2020, Marvel, and many more, and helped them to respond efficiently to their global consumers.

VICBAG Group Official Website:
VICBAG Reusable Bags:
VICBAG Production:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
75014 Paris, France
Benoit Wodkowski

Command Packaging Reusable Bags

Command Packaging is known for its sustainability and also they have a wide range of list products which is the command packaging catalog. With the increasing global focus on preserving the environment, Command Packaging incorporated sustainable practices for their overall bag production. Their unique way of circular approach results in sustainable products and quality services for their consumers.
Command Packaging creates sustainable solutions that empower the contribution of everyone in conserving our environment by just using their reusable bags. They have been in this industry for over 30 years and discovered the infinite usefulness of command plastics if we reclaim and reuse them responsibly.

Command Packaging Official Website:
Command Packaging Reusable Bags:
About Command Packaging:
Discover Command Packaging Custom-loop Program:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Command Packaging
Vernon, CA 90058, US
Peter Grande

Earthwise Reusable Bags

Founded in 2005, Earthwise bags is a premier supplier of reusable bags. In response to the plastic pollution seen by the locals in Los Angeles Earthwise was founded. They developed a program of lightweight, durable, safe, and non-toxic reusable bags along with sturdy, metal display racks. As they offered their eco-friendly shopping bags with reusable shopping bag features, the grocery retailers responded and got a price point of $0.99 while reducing plastic bag usage.
Their full line of products includes shopping bags, collapsible boxes, tote bags, multiuse totes, insulated bags, and wine totes which are produced with features and functionality that greatly help their consumers.

Earthwise Official Website:
Earthwise Reusable Bags:
About Earthwise:
Learn about Earthwise Sustainability Information:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Earthwise Group
St Johns, Auckland, NZ
Gillian Bertram

LBU Inc. Reusable Bags

LBU Inc. Their reusable bags are outlined in New York and made with master craftsmanship. The heart of their company. Ceaselessly progressing to include significant esteem to their products and the clients that they serve. The trademark that epitomizes everything that they do. From Ideation to execution, they have a cutting-edge design team that can bring the vision to life. Is the obvious representation of their forward-thinking culture. Rising above the instantaneousness of current patterns. With a group that continually challenges the status with cutting-edge design and a vision that captures the following years.

LBU Inc. Official Website:
LBU Inc. Reusable Bags:
LBU Inc. Other Products:
LBU Inc. Custom Project:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Paterson, New Jersey
Jeff Mayer

ChicoBag Reusable Bags

ChicoBag was originally established in 2004 by founder Andy Keller. They are committed to building an honest and win-win-win- relationship with their consumers. By seeking and understanding the importance of all sectors included in their project and product manufacturing. They strive to give our planet zero waste from their production by continually creating efficiencies that eliminate waste in all aspects of their business. Starting from within, they are able to expand the values they create through the products they produce.
ChicoBag has been able to provide the best quality reusable shopping bags on the market with utmost favor on our planet. They make sure that all the materials they use, and all the manufacturing processes they do will not harm the environment by not keeping aside the quality of reusable bags they produce for their clients.

ChicoBag Official Website:
ChicoBag Custom Solutions:
About ChicoBag:
ChicoBag Manufacturing:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Chico, CA
Piet Holten

Everything Reusable Bags

Everything Reusable Bags is owned by Neha, a wife, and a mother. In Everything Bags, they need to make development toward a more maintainable and ecologically inviting way of life by changing the way the world uses bags every day. Their dream is to help the environment through our biodegradable and actually natural jute bags.
They profoundly want to be a catalyst altering moving the mentality toward utilizing maintainable and ecologically friendly products. In spite of the fact that our sacks have a genuine mission, the plan and colors of our eco-friendly packs are lively and fun.
Everything Bags Inc. Official Website:
Everything Reusable Bags:
About Everything:
Discover Everything Custom Jute Bags:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Everything Bags Inc.
Trotters Glen, Farmington, CT 06032, USA

Enviro-Tote Reusable Bags

Enviro-Tote has been creating environmentally friendly bags since 1990. The bags are all made up of unbleached and colored cotton and recycled PET. Their enviro-tote reusable bags are usually used for special events and environmental promotions of companies throughout the US and around the world. Enviro-tote is a company with a conscience. They set to build the importance of the environment in every eco tote bag they produce. With theirs, efficient cutting and stitching methods along with precise printing ensure no fabric is wasted.
Enviro-Tote Official Website:
Enviro-Tote Reusable Bags:
About Enviro-Tote:
Discover Other Enviro-Tote Ideas:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Enviro-Tote Inc.
Londonderry, New Hampshire
Nancy Sampo

1 Bag at a Time Reusable Bag

1 Bag at a Time provides enviro-friendly shopping bags. They offer high-quality reusable shopping bags at the lowest price possible. 1 Bag at a Time ensures the quality of its recycled reusable bags by strictly picking the right material to use and the innovative processes and techniques that surely enhance the overall capabilities of its bags. Their bags are tested to last 1500 lifts and drops with 22 pounds capacity.
They believe that the quality depends on people as a whole. So 1 Bag at a Time values its human resource along with its supply chain. They also ensure that the reusable bags they produce and the processes in making them do not harm but help our environment.

1 Bag at a Time Official Website:
1 Bag at a Time Reusable Bags:
About 1 Bag at a Time:
Learn more about 1 Bag at a Time:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
1 Bag at a Time Inc.
Los Angeles, California
Frank Lavarini

FormBag Reusable Bags

FormBag was established in the year 1967 it is an international group with two wholly owned European production lines, utilizing over 500 individuals and, creating over 200 million high-quality branded carrier sacks yearly, in a wide choice of materials, sizes, and finishes. FormBags is an ‘eco-friendly’ reusable company and centers generation on PEFC/FSC measures. The logic of the company is to continually create, keep up and actualize management frameworks that are genuine to its solid natural principles.
Customers in different markets, all through Europe, have found in FormBags a perfect accomplice and much appreciated our know-how, advancement, and imagination, created over 50 years they have made its customers’ carrier packs a key promoting device.
FormBags Official Website:
FormBags Reusable Bag:
About FormBags:
FormBags Other Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Jonathan Lloyd

RediBag Reusable Bags

RediBag USA is a reusable bag company that is based in the USA, a privately owned business that conveys plastic and paper products to the basic need, eateries, stores, dry cleaners, and industrial advertising segments. RediBag USA is a sustainable bag manufacturer who continuously looking for openings to include esteem to their clients and gives modern solutions. They have the intrinsic capacity to design and make unused, customized items in an awfully brief period of time and effectively bring eco-bag products to showcase. RediBag business demonstrates permits to rapidly rotate and respond to advertise conditions by shrewd sourcing utilizing their tremendous arrange of generation capabilities.
RediBag USA Official Website:
RediBag Reusable Bags:
About RediBag USA:
RediBag Other Product:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
RediBag USA
New Hyde Park, New York
Jeffrey Rabiea

What are Reusable Bags?

Reusable bags are also categorized by others as green bags or bag-for-life. This is a type of bag that can be reused many times in contrast to single-use paper and plastic shopping bags. Reusable bags are usually designed as tote bags that are made up of fabrics like canvas, woven synthetic fibers, or thick plastic that is more durable than disposable plastics. Reusable bags are sturdy enough to withstand several uses. This type of bag is often machine washable to avoid bacterial contamination. Reusable bags should have a minimum lifetime of 125 uses, be washable, and must be labeled reusable.

Types of Reusable Bags

Reusable bags also come in different looks and types depending on the application they will be applied to. Below are some of the common reusable bag types we encounter and use in our daily lives.

Foldable Reusable Bags

Foldable reusable bags is one of the common types of shopping bag we usually use. This type of reusable bag is customed with a line pattern where it can be folded. This feature is used for all types of reusable bags to give hassle-free and convenience for the user.

Washable Reusable Bags

These types of reusable bags are often made up of washable materials like cotton, fabrics, polyester, and other plastic-type materials. This feature gives the user a longer span of usage of these shopping bags.

Trolley Reusable Bags

Trolley reusable bags are shopping bags designed to give shoppers a more convenient and organized way of shopping experience. This kind of reusable bag usually has 2 poles placed horizontally on its sides that will serve as hangers in a trolley in supermarkets or convenience stores.

Insulated Reusable Bags

Insulated reusable bags are bags tote or box-type bags with thick insulation inside. This type of reusable bag is commonly used for storing lunch boxes or in food delivery services. This is also washable, often designed with a foldable feature for carrying convenience.

Large Reusable Bags

Large reusable bags are designed with a thick layer of heavy-duty plastics for durability. These kinds of reusable bags are often used as storage and designed to carry heavy things.

Types of Material Used for Manufacturing Reusable Bags

Reusable bags can be made with different components depending on the usage they serve. Here is the list of the materials used for shopping bag customization.


It is the traditional material for reusable bags. Reusable or eco bag manufacturers use traditional cotton, organic cotton, and recycled cotton. Traditional cotton is grown without pesticides which is the typical global standard. Recycled cotton is composed of reclaimed organic and traditional cotton that usually ends up in landfills. Traditional cotton involves natural fiber, and raw but also requires more chemicals than any crop. Cotton Reusable bags are commonly 10 to 15 ounces and are considered the best reusable fabric bag materials because of their advantages, like being biodegradable, renewable resources, and durability.


Hemp is another material that uses in manufacturing reusable bags. It grows without pesticides or fertilizers. Every acre of this crop yields 3 to six tons of dry fiber. This is also known as one of the earth’s strongest and most durable fibers and several times stronger than cotton.


Jute is another type of crop that can be a good source of fibers for reusable bag manufacturing. This material is a naturally renewable resource, biodegradable, durable, and grown in high rainfall areas and can also blend with other fabrics like nonwoven polypropylene.


Polypropylene is a flexible resin polymer, a form of plastic. Nonwoven polypropylene was regarded as one of the best materials for grocery bags because it is cost-effective and relatively durable. Reusable bags with this material are recyclable, very strong, chemical resistant, and can also be made from recycled materials.


Reusable bag suppliers also use nylon as their main product component. Because nylon is a synthetic polymer that originally replaced silk in fabrics. Nylons are lightweight, compact, easy to fold, stuffed in a pouch, carried in a pocket, etc., they are also easy to dye, water resistant, and can be screen printed for customization.


Another polymer is made from polyethylene terephthalate, a component that can be seen in drinking bottles. This material can be recycled through heating and converted back to polymer fibers. It is also a versatile material that is resistant to water, mold-mildew, and crinkling.

Recycled PET

This is an eco-friendly material made from post-consumed recycled plastic bottles and containers. Using recycled PET in manufacturing reusable bags reduces waste and conserves oil and renewable resources. This also creates a market for post-consumer recycled material industries.

Things to consider when Choosing the Right Reusable Bags for your Business

One of the best free items everyone treasures for its good to be free and definitely reusable. Reusable bags are one of the great items to offer as a promotional marketing giveaway for any business. It is an ideal way to protect the environment if you and your company are an eco-friendly brand. Here are the factors to check and consider when choosing the right reusable bags for your business:


Settling on your reusable bag color schemes. Select your reusable bags’ color carefully because you are enticing your consumers to reuse them and make sure that the color of your reusable bags will give positive brand awareness.


Inlined with the color of your reusable bag is your company branding. Branding is important. Make sure to find a manufacturer who offers reusable cotton bags that will surely carry your company’s branding.


Shopping bags can be in different styles. Reusable bags like shopping tote bags are definitely a great way to incentivize your customers. High-quality free shipping bags with a style they can repeatedly use. It is smart to choose stylish shoulder shopping bags or drawstring backpacks style for your reusable bags.


You should choose a cost-effective reusable bag supplier for your brand. Reusable bags are often cheap and manufacturers usually have minimum or maximum quantity when ordering bulk.<


Material is the number one factor that makes reusable bags cost-effective, durable, and can serve a long service span. It is best to choose companies that use eco-friendly components in manufacturing their reusable bags. Because it is the main reason for providing reusable bags, helping our mother nature.

Parts (Zipper, Pockets, & Handles)

This is another factor to consider when choosing your reusable bags. Parts like zippers, pockets, and handles are parts that are needed in customized shopping bags. This will give additional functionality to your eco-friendly bags.

Things to Consider when Choosing Reusable Bag Manufacturer

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your reusable bag supplier:


The first thing to ask when inquiring about reusable bags in the manufacturer is a capacity report. This will confirm that the bag is built to hold up a specified weight. This test is performed several times to confirm accuracy. Also, reusable shopping bags should be big enough and effective as durable reusable bags.

Dynamic Test

In this test, you can determine the weight the bag can withstand. This proves the bag’s durability. The dynamic text confirms that your reusable bag can stand up to regular use.

Toxin Test

It is important to know the percentage of elements in your reusable bags. Performing this test makes your bags safer for you and for your consumers.


Savior of the environment is the reusable bag’s environmental name since its discovery. These shopping bags made a name in the market because of the functionality that every eco-friendly brand and organization was looking for for a very long time. The existence of this bag gives hope and joy to the user brands because it is cost-effective and environmental advocates because of its reusability. Reusable bags now are one of the main marketing kits of all product-based businesses to promote their goods and brands by allowing users to use them in public.
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