10 Best Shipping Boxes Suppliers of 2022

Looking for top Shipping Box Suppliers in 2022? We have collected the best Shipping Box companies in the industry who offer the best custom packaging solutions for your businesses. These companies have made names in the corrugated board and packaging solution industry with top-notch quality and real-time reliability of their products.

Businesses nowadays take an enormous step and broader audience by delivering the goods needed by the consumers to their doors.

Giving a more convenient way of providing their on hand products anywhere around the globe. In order to travel the products they offered, businesses need to provide a shipping box that will securely hold their items in the span of delivery. If you are in a business that requires shipments and delivery business models, you should seek and consult a shipping box supplier to address the specification you needed.
10 Best Shipping Boxes Suppliers of 2022

SHIPPING BOXES Market Overview

We are in a fast-growing economy with needs and more efficient transportability, and the shipping box industry grow. The global industry forecasted revenue of approximately $500 billion in 2019 just in food and beverages in the shipping and transporting sector. This gives the expected market of $5.5 billion by 2032 including other major industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive, cosmetics, health, and relocation. The demand for shipping boxes boosts to the highest peak of 6% yearly because of the expanding need for package and transport commodities all over the world. This also implies that the circulating products globally could be from anywhere abroad. Giving more high hopes for businesses around the world. The faster transportation nowadays also gives the biggest uplift factor on the shipping box sector in real-time.

Leading Manufacturers of Shipping Boxes

Here is the leading shipping box container supplier on the market as of 2022:

Liberty Corrugated Boxes

Liberty Boxes is one of the leading corrugated box suppliers in the industry with almost 5 decades of expertise. Giving it the advantage of mastery and expertise in the field. Liberty offers complete solutions from design to production of packaging containers that help their client’s market grow. Their custom corrugated boxes are the best quality shipping boxes. They wholesale custom boxes and serve an extensive list of clients in different industries such as food, cosmetics, automotive, and electronics as corrugated packaging box suppliers.
As the longest-running packaging business, the innovative culture continues. And given their experience, they will continually add value to the processes and services they offer.

Liberty Corrugated Boxes Official Website: https://www.libertyboxes.ph/
Liberty Corrugated Boxes:
About Liberty Corrugated Boxes:
Explore Liberty Corrugated Boxes Manufacturing Corp: https://www.facebook.com/Liberty-Corrugated-Boxes-Manufacturing-Corporation-344900926130533/about/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Liberty Corrugated Boxes
Malabon City Metro Manila, Philippines
Ki Kiao Koc

International Paper Boxes

International Paper Company transforms renewable resources into recyclable products that people depend on every day. They are the world’s leading producer of fiber-based products and corrugated shipping boxes. International Paper boxes are packaging products that protect and promote goods, enable worldwide commerce, and keep consumers safe.
They are committed to strengthening the people and community where we live and work by being resources responsible and efficient and ensuring a safe, successful, and sustainable generation to come.

International Paper Official Website: https://www.internationalpaper.com/
International Paper Corrugated Boxes: https://www.internationalpaper.com/products
About International Paper Company: https://www.internationalpaper.com/company/about-international-paper
International Paper Other Products: https://www.internationalpaper.com/products

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
International Paper Company
Memphis, Tennessee, US
Mark S. Sutton

PCA Boxes

Packaging Corporation of America thinks they are more than a cardboard box manufacturing company. For they do believe that they are a business solution company that seeks to help their customers large or small in the packaging, transporting, and product display industry.
With PCA exports boxes and builds relationships, trust, commitment, and value to the entire system of your business. For they deliver the right packaging solution on time and on budget. They offer the best customer service by engaging our customer-clients to collaborate to come up with the best flutes and stacking strength for your desired corrugated boxes.

PCA Official Website:
PCA Corrugated Boxes:
About PCA:
PCA Wide Range Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Packaging Corporation of America
Lake Forest, Illinois, US
Mark W. Kowlzan

WestRock Boxes

WestRock is one of the best paper and corrugated packaging box manufacturers in the industry. They are an environmental-friendly company that gives quality products without harming our mother nature. They provide competitive advantages, and wholesale shipping boxes, and deliver quality and superior service that fuels innovation to foster real and sustainable growth for both parties. WestRock corrugated boxes are designed to protect, store and present your products in the most applicable and safest way.
WestRock focuses on working with brands to help them win the board by providing them with unbeatable paper and shipping box products.

WestRock Official Website:
WestRock Corrugated Packaging: https://www.westrock.com/products/corrugated-containers
About WestRock:
WestRock Packaging Solutions: https://www.westrock.com/products/specialty-printing-and-packaging

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Westrock Company
Sandy Springs, Georgia, US
David Sewell

Deluxe Packaging Shipping Boxes

Deluxe Packaging Inc. Has a proven track record in custom luxury packaging boxes, point-on-purchase displays, and reliable shipping boxes. They work hard at servicing every customer by providing cost-effective solutions for their product or businesses. They have a full array of high-quality products including corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, luxury boxes, folding cartons, folding supplies, packaging boxes and supplies, and a lot more.
Deluxe packaging boxes have been acknowledged as a leading luxury packaging box in Philadelphia and Northern and Southern New Jersey. They are known for professional field expertise, a wide range of packaging products, and superior product knowledge with exceptional pricing.

Deluxe Packaging Home:
Deluxe Packaging Shipping Box: https://www.deluxepkg.com/corrugated-slotted-boxes/
About Deluxe Packaging Inc.
Deluxe Packaging Inc. Custom Packaging: https://www.deluxepkg.com/custom-packaging/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Deluxe Packaging Inc.
Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States
Kenneth Hoffman

Packsize Boxes

Packsize promotes a smarter way to do packaging. With their advanced technology, box design, and latest product processing methodology, Packsize boxes are top-class shipping boxes, used and trusted by everyone.
They also address the number one packaging problem, which is excessive packaging, by eliminating the need to buy and store pre-made boxes. Packsize’s on-demand corrugated cardboard box and their unique packaging solution deliver distinct benefits that drive down costs, improve the financial and labor needs of all packaging operations, and result in fully-satisfied customers.

Packsize Company Official Website:
Packsize Corrugated Boxes:
About Packsize:
Packsize On Demand Packaging System: https://www.packsize.com/on-demand-packaging/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Packsize Company
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hanko Kiessner

Grainger Boxes

Grainger is one of the leading shipping box distributors in the market from North America. They have been able to provide the best quality industrial boxes for over a decade. Grainger cardboard and packaging boxes are built to serve heavy storing products and have been serving over 4.5 million customers globally with a wide range of products.
Aside from being a shipping or delivery box provider, Grainger also delivers services and business solutions like technical support and inventory management. Thus a wide range of knowledge in the industry and the processes behind it is what makes Grainger one of the top.

Grainer Official Website:
Grainger Shipping Boxes: https://www.grainger.com/category/packaging-shipping/
About Grainger:
Grainger Environmental and Social Position:

Product Features
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Lake Forest Illinois, US
Donald G. Macpherson

Packola Boxes

A custom packaging boxes company that cares for small businesses. Packola offers high-quality custom packaging boxes for all businesses and individuals. They offer a diverse array of options for packaging products. Packola meets all its customer’s packaging requirements from impeccably detailed cheap custom boxes, printing boxes, custom mailer boxes, and durable corrugated shipping boxes.
Packola commits to sustainability. All materials they use are from sustainable sources. They are environmentally friendly and assured that they will just be leaving a positive carbon footprint on our mother nature. Packola’s also offers custom printed boxes with no minimum quantity order, for they believe this custom packaging they produce is one of the main key things for their clients with small to medium businesses.

Packola Official Site:


Packola Box:
About Packola:
Custom Shipping Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO


Haskell Ave, Van Nuys, CA
Arash Shoushtari

Packlane Shipping Box

It says great things come in little bundles. Packlane accepts extraordinary things that come in custom bundles, whether they’re little cartons, expansive printed shipping boxes, or anything in between. With an assortment of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, they provide you with the tools to make something energizing on the exterior, in this way of exciting your clients about what’s on the inside.
As the only company that gives a custom plan lab, live-to-see, and moment site, they not as it donated you the opportunity to unload your imagination and create your own design, but to assist you to do it efficiently. And if you’re having inconvenience, they’re here to help with anything from plan to specialized bolster.

Packlane Official Website:
Packlane Shipping Boxes:
About Packlane:
Packlane Other Offers:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Berkely, California, United States
Miriam Brafman

Air Sea Containers Boxes

It is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in the packaging sector. They are dedicated to the safe transportation of dangerous goods, which allows them to be one of the best dangerous goods boxes packaging products and services. They ensure that Air Sea Containers Inc. (ASC) is in complete compliance with current and future industry regulations.
ASC provide packaging solutions to thousands of businesses and individuals globally for over 30 years. If looking for fireboard box hazardous goods packaging, here is ASC. From consultation to giving the best packaging service you need, Air Sea Container Inc. is what you need.
Air Sea Containers Official Site:
Find the Packaging You Need: https://www.airseacontainers.com/packaging
About Air Sea Containers:
Air Sea Custom Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Air Sea Containers, Inc


Miami Florida


Alan Bond

What are Shipping Boxes?

Shipping boxes are packaging made of corrugated boards whose bottom and lid characteristic flaps can be locked or secured with adhesive tape. This is also often referred to by others as cardboard boxes. This is a prefabricated box used for packaging goods and materials. One of the best features of a shipping box is it has glued two side walls and packaging delivered unassembled that occupy less space. These shipping boxes are often used in transporting large-sized items like household appliances.

Types of Shipping Boxes

The main type of shipping boxes includes:

The main type of shipping it is the most common corrugated cardboard box. It has a single wall of corrugated cardboard consisting of an inner and outer liner with a fluted corrugated sheet in between. Its single wall board is used in the lower weight range of shipping cartons. It is lightweight and only suitable for low packing weight.

Double Wall Corrugated Box
It is a heavy-duty storage box produced with two layers and has a fluted medium glued to 3 lineboards. It has a 5-ply construction applicable for packing and stacking heavy items. An ideal solution for a long list of storage and transport tasks where extra protection is required. Its double-layer cardboard is way much stronger than a traditional single-layer alternative.

Triple Wall Corrugated Box

This type of corrugated box has flute mediums layered between 4 lineboards. It has 7 ply construction and uses for large container sizes such as pallet packs. Usually comprised of two layers of C flute and one layer of B flute. This type of corrugated box is very strong and crush resistant and excellent for storage and transit shipping applications.

Bottle Boxes

This type of shipping box is a specially shaped box designed to protect bottles and prevent any movement during transport. It is mostly made from post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. It ensures protection for your bottle packaging with its well-designed dividers. These kinds of boxes are usually placed inside a second box for better protection.

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are a self-supporting structure. It is a large and strong container perfect for big and heavy containments. There are several wooden crate designs but the most commons are the closed, open, and framed. This type of shipping box has a sheathing that can be removed while the framed structure remains standing.

Plastic Boxes

It is a container made from plastics, one of the most relied-on shipment boxes for transporting a package. Though this kind of box may easily be damaged by impact or pressure, users mostly use this to accompany other shipment box types or as a secondary package.

Types of Material Used for Manufacturing Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes have different types and every type of it requires certain material. These materials are usually durable or the best of their kind for their application and require reliability.


This material is used in cardboard-type shipping boxes. It is a premium quality paper that is made up of wood pulps and other extra additives best for board making. Shipping boxes made up of this material can be recycled.

Corrugated Board

Corrugated boards is a material made up of multiple layers of paper. Used for single, double, and triple walling corrugated boxes. This is a result of rolling and gluing layers of paper, foil, or plastic into a single sheet. This type of material is incredibly strong but lightweight and flexible.

Polypropylene and Polyethylene

These materials are heavy-duty plastics with excellent durability, reliability, and high impact strength. This is an ideal material for shipping box applications like crates or containers for heavy equipment.
Shipping boxes may also be in form of normal quality plastics, wood, metal, steel, or aluminum depending on the storage unit needed for shipment.

Who uses Shipping Boxes?

Shipping boxes are known for their structural design perfectly fit for storing and transporting goods and products. These boxes are suited for a wide variety of products regardless of their size and shapes.


Businesses dealing with moving and packing are the main users of these products. They usually use shipping boxes because it does not break easily and can handle weight pressure. With these, they can easily move and relocate belongings undamaged and faster.

Industrial Supply and Logistics

Businesses in this sector often use shipping boxes. They usually use this to transport industrial products with ease due to the fact that it is all packed and organized with storage designed for them.


Businesses in the textile sector use several types of shipping boxes like cardboard and corrugated in transporting textile products.

Office Supply/Stationary

Companies in this industry often use shipping boxes mostly corrugated boxes. Businesses can pack all kinds of office supplies into shipping boxes without the fear of getting their supplies damaged.


Some sectors in our food industry use shipping boxes for their businesses. Mostly used in transporting ingredients, kitchen supplies, fruits, and vegetables.

Health Care and Cosmetics

healthcare and cosmetics company uses shipping boxes to transport their goods from their factories to distributors, and from distributors to sellers. With this kind of storage enclosures, they are able to move their products and supplies from one place to another.


This industry is known for big and heavy supplies and parts. Companies in this sector use shipping boxes to ensure all their automotive parts are in secure and good condition when delivered to their shops or casa.

Electrical and Electronics

Companies in this sector use shipping boxes to ship their devices and components safely and securely. They usually use strong and durable shipping boxes to protect their product from bumps and scratches that may affect its effectiveness due to device sensitivity.

Chemical Industries

This type of business also uses shipping boxes to transport its products and materials. Shipping boxes in this sector are usually customized and have some special features to give extra protection. Boxes are usually resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors like water, sunlight, etc.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Shipping Boxes for Your Business


Shipping boxes are the storage that will hold your products for the duration of shipment or transport. It has a main role that will surely affect your entire business if something was done wrong. Here are several factors to consider when choosing the right shipping box for your business.

Your Product

By determining and assessing your business product you can easily give the requirements and the specification needed for your shipping box. The size, weight, length, and other factors to consider will be determined here.


Every business process includes the budget for supplies. It is smart to use high-quality products with the most competitive pricing. Many suppliers will offer and give you competitive bids with your shipping box needed.

Shipping Needs

This factor is a key thing to consider in buying shipping boxes. It gives you the question “how often do you deliver?”. If your business delivers one to two times a month, it is advisable to not use expensive labels but instead invest in better quality or more durable than might last through multiple shipments per day.

Minimum Quantity

This factor tells the quantity you need to order in a certain period of time. Most cartons and special box providers require customers to order bulk orders with minimum numbers. Make sure that you know the supplier’s minimum order before placing your request.

Lead time

It is also the main factor to consider in ordering shipping boxes. When placing an order, you should give the supplier plenty of time for manufacturing and delivery and if being in a situation you need urgently, make sure to advise your provider ahead of time. Make sure to choose the corrugated box manufacturer that can deliver your order on time.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shipping Box Manufacturers

Choosing a shipping box manufacturer partner can be a challenging decision with lasting implications. A box manufacturer partner will have a great impact on the daily operations of your business. It is important to analyze and evaluate all your options and select the best shipping box supplier that will fulfill all your needs and requirements aligned with your business needs and specification.

Cost, Quality, and Time

Pricing is the main determining factor when choosing your shipping box supplier. Given this factor, you also need to consider both quality and delivery time. When your company or business is inlined with shipping or transporting it is very wise to choose to ship with the least expensive shipping boxes without sacrificing the quality and delivery time.

Reliability and Materials Used

Your business depends on the arrival of your freight to various destinations protected, safe and undamaged. Your shipping box supplier must be made up of very high-quality materials that will carry that mission. You need to ensure that the quality of shipping boxes they delivered are in the best condition and will surely serve their main purpose.

Custom Capabilities

It is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right shipping box supplier. You want to find a company that will surely provide the specifications you needed in your product or business. Custom box manufacturers must deliver the requirements you needed for you to comfortably your product.


Your chosen box manufacturer must also have a good quality shipment process. With this, you are able to receive all your boxes safely and on time.


Picking the right shipping box for your packaging is a key decision to consider. Shipping Boxes have a key role in your business. If you are in a business type with a large shipping need, picking the fittest shipping box will ease most of the problems that might come in the way of transporting your good or products. These boxes will surely give a high level of protection, great value, and versatility to your products. It is also a cost-effective solution for various storage packaging needs. Shipping boxes can be used for a wide variety of goods and products, as a business, this can lower your bills by lessening damage while on transporting method. This article will serve as a guideline to all business owners-small or big, for choosing the right shipping box supplier for their business. Making this one top of your to-read list will surely help you decide, what or whom to get as your shipping box supplier
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