10 Best Tin Box Manufacturers

In 2022, are you looking for Tin Box Suppliers? We have gathered the industry’s best tin box providers to provide the best custom packaging solutions for your company. If you are a small to medium-sized business looking for the best tin box to use, this guide will help you decide and will undoubtedly give you insights into what you are really looking for. Happy reading!
Tin boxes are among the most suggested materials for food packaging, including soups, spices, and soft drinks.

They are frequently used for packaging consumer goods like cosmetics, medications, and other goods. That is a result of the many advantages using tin cans has over other approaches. We’ll examine some of the most significant benefits and drawbacks of tin cans in this article.

8 Best Tin Box Manufacturers of 2022

Tin Box Market Overview

The global tin box market is divided geographically into seven areas: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, the Middle East, and Africa (MEA). In terms of volume, Asia Pacific is the region that consumes the most tin in 2014. As urbanization increases, the industrial sector is expanding rapidly in developing nations like China and India. As a result, it is anticipated that the tin box market will grow more rapidly in Asia-Pacific. Due to the maturity of disposable income, North America and Europe are also anticipated to have a low growth rate in the tin box industry. Due to the expanding retail network in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), it is anticipated that the tin box market will grow at a rate above average in this region. The global tin box market is predicted to develop over the forecast period of 2017–2027, with a consistent CAGR.

10 Best Postal Box Manufacturers of 2022

Listed below are the well-known postal boxes manufacturers:

TDI Global Tin Box

Custom global manufacturers of packaging products including tin boxes. Retail packaging, displays, event/specialty products, market research, creative design, sourcing, international project management, and quality control are all examples of capabilities. Additionally offered are assembly, fulfillment, kitting, and global logistics. Green solutions also involve the use of sustainable alternative materials and source reduction in design.

TDI Global Solutions Official Page: http://tdigs.com/
Packaging Solutions: http://tdigs.com/packaging-solutions-4/
About TDI: http://tdigs.com/our-story/
Contact TDI Global Solutions: http://tdigs.com/contact/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
TDI Global Solutions2006Kansas, United StatesMark Majors

E2Global Tin Boxes

Custom manufacturer of tin containers used in the health and beauty sectors. Jars, medical apparel, medical equipment, textiles, cell phone accessories, video brochures, bottles, collapsible tubes, packaging boxes, and point-of-purchase displays are examples of additional items.
Homepage: https://e2global.com/
About: https://e2global.com/company/
Products: https://e2global.com/products/
Tin Box: https://e2global.com/products/tin-manufacturing/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
E2Global2013CaliforniaBrad Godwin

Tin King USA

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Tin King USA1994United StatesMike Sanchez

TinsPlus Boxes

TinsPlus comprises tin boxes, and packing, both generic and customized. Metal canisters, coasters, trays, signage, and seamless rectangular, square, round-drawn, and other shapes are among the metal boxes (including aluminum) that are available. Packaging is appropriate for cosmetics, chocolate, sweets, food containers, jewelry boxes, tea boxes, wine and liquor containers, CD/DVD cases, arts and crafts cases, pens and pencils, and more.

TinsPlus Official Page: https://tinsplus.com/
About TinPlus: https://tinsplus.com/
Custom Tin Box: https://tinsplus.com/
Contact: https://tinsplus.com/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
TinsPlus1983AmericaKen Olsho

J.L. Clark Tin Boxes

Manufacturer of unique metal retail packaging boxes. Work with metals including tin, steel, and aluminum. Metal fabrication, metal decoration, and the creation of specialized packaging are all examples of manufacturing capabilities. capable of rapid prototyping, production tooling and equipment build project management, 3d CAD/CAM modeling, pilot and small production tool manufacture, and product development. Capabilities for printing plate manufacture and full-color pressing. Confectionery, skincare, men’s hair and beard care, spices, smokeless tobacco, and other markets are among those catered to.

J.L Clark Official Page: https://jlclark.com/
About J.L Clark Tin Box: https://jlclark.com/about/
J.L Clark Tin Box Products: https://jlclark.com/about/markets-served/
Contact J.L Clark: https://jlclark.com/contact/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
J.L. Clark1904USAJohn Clark

Paper Mart Boxes

Distributor of products for industrial, culinary, and retail packaging. Products include mailers, envelopes, loops, liners, soaps, tabs, wires, wipes, detergents, tassels, tarps, baskets, trays, carts, cans, and caps. There are also boxes, bags, labels, ribbons, bows, and tapes. Custom goods are also available.

Paper Mart Official Page: https://www.papermart.com/
Paper Mart Boxes: https://www.papermart.com/c/boxes
Box Size Search: https://www.papermart.com/box-search
Paper Mart Tin Boxes: https://www.papermart.com/search?searchstr=tin%20box

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Paper Mart1921New JerseyJerry Levey

House Of Cans Tin Boxes

In the container sector, House of Cans has excelled for fifty years. You can be confident that with hundreds of different types and sizes of containers, their Customer Service Representatives will go above and beyond to help you select the correct container. They feature a broad array of containers, including cans, pails, drums, jugs, jars, bottles, and boxes.

House Of Cans Official Page: https://www.houseofcans.com/
About House of Cans: https://www.houseofcans.com/about
Metal Containers: https://www.houseofcans.com/metal-containers
Tin Box: https://www.houseofcans.com/slip-cover-tins-ink-cans/slipcover-tins/bottoms-only#1

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
House Of Cans2018Washington, DCSimon Brown

Stannum Can Tin Boxes

Custom manufacturer of tin boxes for goods. There are jars, lunch boxes, pails, buckets, and jugs available. available in round, square, rectangular, oval, heart, and these shapes. appropriate for milk, food, and DVD applications.

Homepage: https://www.stannumcan.com/
About: https://www.stannumcan.com/our-story-1
Tin Boxes: https://www.stannumcan.com/gallery
Round Tins: https://www.stannumcan.com/round-lid-outside-rollbody-outside-roll

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Stannum Can1993CanadaWilfred Yip

What is Tin Box?

A tin box is a metal container with a cover that can be closed again. Contrary to its name, a tin box rarely contains more tin than a thin plating coating that prevents corrosion.

Classification of Tin Box

Tin packaging serves a highly diverse range of purposes, therefore thus is difficult to categorize. It can be classified according to:

Production process

from the production process, a tin box is mainly classified into two categories:

Side lock tin

has to fold the two ends of the tinplate in the opposite direction, hook them together, and use a punching machine to tighten them up. This type of tin is used for candies, chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes, cosmetics, and tin boxes for sweets.

Welded-side tin cans

Welding will be used to join the side ends of the welding can. Milk powder, motor, and oil tins are the best types of welded-side tins.

Tin Box Structure

Tin boxes can be categorized into drawn cans, seam-bottom tins, and buckle-bottom cans based on their structural differences.
– Drawn tin cans imply that the tin’s body and bottom are made from the same sheet of tinplate and that the bottom’s substance draws out the body.
– Seam-bottom tins
– Buckle bottom tin cans

The shape of the Tin Can

Tin Box can be classified according to their shape namely:
  • Round tin box
  • Square tin box
  • Rectangular tin box
  • Heart-shaped tins
  • Tree-shaped metal tin box
  • Book-shaped tin cans
  • Bus-shape tin cans etc.
Unlike other materials, it’s very flexible to make special shapes on tin boxes. We can realize any shape in our imagination and customize a certain tin box depending on your needs.

Use of the Tin Box

Tin boxes can be used for a very diverse range of purposes. The majority of things can be packaged in a tin. And because it is fully eco-friendly, simple to print, and adaptable to different shapes, it has become a highly well-liked packaging in recent years.
Here are some of the types of tin boxes depending on their usage.
– The chocolate tin box-the round chocolate tin box is constructed of premium tin-plated steel that is smooth and shiny, has a lovely appearance, is resistant to rust, shock, and wear, and has an independent lid design that is simple to open and close with no trouble.
– Candy Tin-the sweet tin box with buckle is made of premium tin-plated iron, is 170 x 170 x 110 mm, and has a 0.23 mm material thickness. It is a reliable container for storing little objects like kitchen utensils. For candies, cookies, chocolates, and other items, this tin box is ideal. It is made of tin, which is more resilient than plastic, and features a useful snap button.
– Tea Tin- This assortment of tea and storage tins comes in a huge variety of sizes and styles. Each tin is composed of premium tin-plated steel and is food-grade. Use for herbs, spices, baking mixes, loose-leaf or bagged teas, as well as general kitchen management. All costs are body and lid inclusive.
– Cookies Tin- Constructed of premium tinplate, measuring 173*75mm and having a 0.23mm material thickness, it has good extensibility, airtightness, and compression resistance.
– Cosmetic Tin Box- the cosmetic storage tin box is constructed of tin-plated iron, which has good extensibility, airtightness, and pressure resistance. It can hold its contents in place.
Other types include cigar tin boxes, wine tin boxes, coffee tin cans, and many more.

What is Tin Box Made of?

These days, empty tin cans are typically made from any thin metal. This can include steel, iron, or aluminum. These little tin cans frequently, though not always, have a tin plating. Since the 1960s, aluminum has overwhelmingly replaced tin as the material of choice for making small tin cans. This is since it is less expensive and simpler to produce. As a result, the production process is now less expensive and time-consuming than it was previously. Aluminum is a perfect replacement because it is known to have the same level of corrosion resistance.

Tinplate Steel

Tinplate steel has the benefits of a lovely aesthetic, lightweight, and ease of usage. The tinplate’s strong strength minimizes damage during storage and transit, and its versatility and high capability make it simple to use.


A thin, silvery-white metal. It is bendable and soft. Numerous items, such as cans, foil, culinary utensils, window frames, beer kegs, and airplane components, are made of aluminum.

Tin Foil

This material can also be used to wrap other items, such as chocolate bars, although it is typically employed for scientific experiments. Tin can be compressed into an extremely thin sheet, which enables us to produce a substantial amount of “plating” using relatively little tin.

Uses Of Tin Box

Tinplate can or tin box is frequently used in a variety of contexts, including food and beverage packaging, chemical and oil cans, and various miscellaneous retail tin boxes. Tinplate’s benefits and qualities offer good protection for the contents inside, both physically and chemically.

Canned Goods

Tin boxes can guarantee food cleanliness and reduce the likelihood of corruption. It also satisfies the modern person’s diet’s need for speed and convenience. Tin plate is the material of choice for packaging gifts, candies, cigarettes, tea, coffee, and so on.


Juice, coffee, tea, sports drinks, as well as cola, soda, beer, and other beverages, are all packed in tin containers. With excellent workability, the tin cans can be arranged in several different ways. Tall, short, big, little, square, or round, can all satisfy the needs of different consumer preferences.


– Tin box is the finest material to use to keep oil-based foods because of its transparency and good tightness. Oils and fats will oxidize more quickly in the presence of light, losing nutritional value and producing toxic byproducts in the process. Additionally, it will destroy oily vitamins, particularly vitamins D and A.


Tinplate cans are particularly well suited for high-pressure filling spray cans because they can tolerate high temperatures and pressures.

Food Storage

Tinplate, which can take on many different shapes, is used to make milk powder tins, stationery boxes, and biscuit buckets. It is ideal for storing foods since it has a tight can cover.


The pharmaceutical sector prefers tin-plating in cans because of its superior corrosion resistance capabilities.


Another option for packaging cosmetics is tin box packing. Tin boxes are commonly used by skin care product businesses for packing, installation protection, and printing their logos since they look realistic and expensive.

Benefits of using Tin Box Packaging

One of the most popular types of packaging is tin. Packaging techniques that are advised for foods including spices, soups, and soft beverages. They are also utilized in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other goods. They are commonly utilized because they differ from other approaches in that they provide several advantages. We’ll talk about the benefits of tin can packaging in this article.

Longer Shelf Life

Tin just has a longer shelf life than other materials like steel and aluminum. It is because the tin substance doesn’t react with the meal. However, depending on the acidity of the food, steel, and aluminum can quickly corrode it, even ruining it. Because other materials cannot be used for the preservation of medicines, beverages, and soups, containers are only made of tin for this purpose. Tin can packaging makes sure the food is kept fresh and stored for a long time.

Convenient and low in weight

As a result of their small weight, tin cans are undoubtedly easier to handle. When carrying packaged goods over a long distance, weight is a crucial factor. The majority of service providers levy a transportation fee based on the weight of the sent products. Anyone trying to lower production costs would think about lowering transportation expenses, which could only be achieved if a lightweight substitute was available. Tin cans make an excellent replacement and lower the cost of transportation.

Versatile Packaging

One of the best things about tin can packaging is the fact that it allows for extremely flexible packaging. Tin is a versatile material with a variety of qualities that make it strong and stiff while still providing considerable flexibility for packaging. These cans can be easily rearranged in any direction to be transported using different modes of transportation without losing their condition. Other cans have a higher propensity to distort readily.

Robust and Rigid

Tin cans provide a lot of packing options because of their strength and rigid qualities. These cans retain their original shape even when subjected to strong impact. Tin can packaging is the way to go if you want to avoid the issue of deformed cans and want to cut costs associated with stock returns. They permit the use of various modes of transportation and guarantee that the can is kept in good shape until it is delivered to the final user.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Packaging

The success of your new product after it hits store shelves can be made or broken by choosing the proper packaging. This will have a direct effect on your business’s ability to grow and compete in the long run, regardless of whether you work in the natural food, pharmaceutical, or chemical sectors
Here are some things to consider when choosing the best packaging for your business:

Focus on sustainability

 Particularly if you are selling to the natural food, nutraceutical, or body care industries, sustainable packaging choices are a requirement. At the very least, look for recyclable packaging; this will gratify your customers and offer your business a more eco-conscious, greener image.

Limit yourself to common sizes and forms

To conserve money, stick to standard shapes and sizes that packaging manufacturers can easily produce. While unique shapes and sizes can help draw customers’ attention to a store, the added expense and difficulties of packaging products aren’t worth it.

Outstanding branding and design

Invest in top-notch packaging design, including both the looks and the materials. The packaging materials you choose could serve as a reflection of your brand’s personality. Select components and a general style that will resonate with your target market and work with different product lines.


Packaging cans are essentially any type of pack, envelopes, or constructions created to conceal and promote various goods. Your commodity’s packaging should be able to protect it from contamination and damage during manufacturing, distribution, and labeling.
You should have all you need to conduct the necessary investigation and analysis of your materials and associated dynamics after reading the information in this article, as it was previously suggested. Taking into account all the significant points in this article, it seeks to serve as a guide for you in selecting the best tin box packing. The success of your business depends on how you make this decision.
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