Carton Packaging Tips That Will Wow Your Customers

Unique carton box packaging
Unique carton box packaging

Carton packaging is an important part of the product presentation. If you’re not using it to its fullest, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool. We wrote this article with one aim in mind: to show you how to use carton box packaging in a way that will wow your customers.

Carton Packaging Overview

Do you want your product to stand out on the shelves? If so, you need to make sure your packaging is up to the task. After all, first impressions count for a lot. One way to ensure that potential customers take notice of your product is to invest in amazing carton packing boxes.

But before delving into the ways to creatively use carton for packaging, let’s take a quick overview of what is carton packaging, types, and what it can do for your product. We’ll take a glimpse at the current trends in the carton packaging industry.

Carton Packaging Types

Carton packaging is typically made from paperboard that has been formed into a box shape. Cartons are primarily meant to protect products during shipping and handling, but you can also use them to improve the product presentation. The most common carton packaging types are:

Folding Carton Packaging

This type of packaging is made from paperboard that’s been cut, scored, and glued. Different types of folding carton packaging find popular use in the food and beverage industry.

Set Up Box Packaging

This carton packaging type uses a heavier un-foldable carton made from chipboard. Set up box packaging is mostly used for high-end products, such as electronics or and luxury items like jewelry that need more protection.

Corrugated Carton Packaging

Corrugated carton packaging uses boxes made up of three layers: an inner liner, an outer liner, and fluting in between. It’s the most popular type of carton packaging because it’s sturdy, lightweight, and easy to produce.

Aseptic Carton Packaging

Aseptic carton packaging uses paperboard that’s been coated with a thin layer of plastic. Because of this construction, aseptic packaging provides a sterile environment for perishable liquid products, such as milk or juice.

Carton Packaging Trends

For a long time, cartons were just functional packaging and designed to protect products and get them from A to B. However, in recent years, there’s been a shift towards using carton packaging as a marketing tool.

Nowadays, carton packaging is often used to make a product stand out on the shelves. Companies are investing more money in designing eye-catching cartons that grab attention and communicate product benefits. In light of that, several trends are currently driving the carton packaging market:

Eco-Friendly Carton Packaging

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment, and it’s having an impact on the packaging industry. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environment —and looking for eco-friendly carton packaging. As a result, many companies are investing in sustainable carton packaging made from recycled materials.

Creative Carton Packaging

In a crowded market, it’s important to make your product stand out. One way to do that is to invest in unique and eye-catching cartons. Creative carton packaging provides the perfect opportunity to do this. By using unique shapes, finishes, and printing techniques, you can create packaging that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

E-Commerce Box Packaging

The growth of e-commerce is another trend that’s having an impact on the carton packaging industry. With more and more consumers shopping online, companies are looking for ways to make their packaging stand out— by using cartons. Carton packaging is durable and recyclable, plus you can easily customize it to meet your business needs.

Colorful carton box
Colorful carton box

Carton Packaging Tips

We have already looked at what’s carton box packaging and the trends shaping it today, but how do you make it work for you? If you’re not sure how to make your packaging pop, don’t worry. Here are some tips to make sure your cartons stand out from the others.

1. Use Carton Inserts

Carton inserts allow you to include more information about your product without making the design of your carton too busy. They’re also a great way to add a touch of luxury to your packaging.

We suggest using inserts to highlight key features, such as your product’s USPs, or to include important information, such as care instructions or a size chart.

2. Use Creative Carton Printing

Research shows that consumers are more likely to remember a product that’s packaged in an eye-catching way. So, if you want your carton packaging to make an impact, make sure you use a creative carton packaging design.

There are plenty of ways to do this. You could use bold colors or patterns, or you could include images or illustrations that grab attention. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some of the most popular carton packaging designs for inspiration.

3. Decorate It!

Yes, the carton box! Boring packaging is a thing of the past. These days, it’s all about making a statement and catching your customer’s eye. Research shows that consumers are drawn to packaging that’s been decorated with special finishes by taking them to be high-quality.

So, if you want your carton packaging to make a lasting impression, consider adding some decorative elements. It’s a great way to add a touch of luxury and make your product look more expensive.

There are plenty of ways to decorate carton box packaging, including embossing, foil stamping, and varnishing. These techniques can add texture, depth, and interest to your design, and they’re sure to make your product stand out on the shelves.

4. Make it Versatile

Here, we are talking about a carton that your customers can actually use after they’ve finished with the product. The best way to do this is to design a box that can be easily converted into something else, such as a jewelry box, or a storage container.

This not only helps you reduce waste but also gives your customers a reason to keep your paper carton packaging long after they’ve used up the product. It’s a win-win!

5. Use Stickers

A carton box sticker is a great way to add some personality to your packaging. You can use these stickers to highlight key features or to include important information, such as your company’s contact details or even greetings.

They’re also a great way to make your packaging more interactive. For example, you could use a QR code sticker that allows customers to scan the code and get more information about your product.

Another tip is to have stickers create a unique unboxing experience. You can use them to cover up part of the carton so that it can’t be seen until the box is opened. This is an excellent way to add an element of surprise.


There you have it! These are just a few carton packaging tips that will help you get the most out of your investment. Remember, your packaging is an important part of your marketing strategy, so make sure you put some thought into it. Used properly and creatively, your product’s carton can be a powerful tool that will help you boost sales and grow your business.

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