Best Hat Boxes Suppliers of 2023

Looking for Hat Boxes Suppliers in 2023? We have collected the hat box suppliers in the industry that offer the best custom packaging solutions for your businesses. If you are a small to medium business looking for the best hat box to use, this guide will help you decide and surely give you insights into what you really looking for.

Hat boxes are often seen now on all kinds of products, from hats, cosmetics, make-ups, pastries, garments, pieces of jewelry, and so on.
Businesses who use this kind of storage for their product packaging ensure that their goods will be placed in the most suitable enclosure with the edge of refining their outside designs. This kind of enclosure can be customized depending on height and the design needed by-products. These hat boxes with lids are usually used as a ready-to-gift package by most businesses.
Hat Boxes Suppliers of 2023

Hat Boxes Market Overview

We are now in the most active economic era, wherein businesses are set to be progressive in making their products known for different factors, including transportability, the packaging looks reusable storage, and many more. The global industry forecasted over $600 billion in revenue in customized packaging boxes, including hat boxes in the year 2020 in different business types like food and beverage, cosmetics, and garments. The demand continuously soars high at a 6% yearly increase because of newly built businesses and old companies that gradually expand their assets. The wide circulation of products through parcels and delivery also affects the said market movements and is expected to make $5.5 billion in market revenue in the year 2032. The faster transportation gives the biggest catch up of this product in our market.

Leading Manufacturers of Hat Boxes

Here are some of the leading brands when it comes to quality and reliable hat boxes products:

Hat Boxes Ltd.

Hat Box Ltd. known before as Skatterbox was established in 1988. Their founder was in the fashion trade line when realized the need for a market in good quality vintage hat boxes with lids. They started the company and offer the best quality round hat boxes and garment boxes at the most competitive price.
Hat Boxes Ltd. as a leading hat box wholesale supplier ensures all their boxes are made from acid-free materials and have a protective varnish on the outside of the print finish. This process is done to protect the customer from acid in cardboard that may attack silks. The quality of hat boxes they produce is top-notch and tested over their years of experience. Hat Boxes Ltd. is an eco-friendly company that provides sustainable materials for its products in a greener way.

Hat Boxes Ltd. Official Website:
Hat Boxes Ltd. Product:
About Hat Boxes Ltd.:
Black and White Hat Boxes:

Meanwell Hat Boxes

Started as the “Bag N Box Man” in the year 1984. Their Founder Terry Andrews founded this company to support small and independent businesses in their locals but soon became a big company surely because of its quality custom-made packaging and round hat boxes with lids they offer.
Meanwell Packaging Co. as a custom hat box manufacturer always thinks that packaging is second to the most important part of all business, whether it is product packaging, e-commerce packaging, or shipping materials. Meanwell Hat Boxes Ltd. commits to helping all their clients switch to more sustainable packaging, selecting certified materials proudly adding packaging to their eco credentials as a company.

Meanwell Packaging Official Website:
Meanwell Packaging Boxes:
About Meanwell Packaging Co.:
Meanwell Custom Packaging:

Brownwood Inc. Hat Boxes

Brownwood Inc. is established by entrepreneur George Brown in 1927. From wood products from that time to full-service wood parts and components business in the ’50s to a full pledge and a leading custom hat box supplier/wholesaler in the present.
Brown Wood Inc. Has a made-to-spec business model which is a single-source custom wood component partner with cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industries including store fixtures, furniture, product display and packaging, and a lot more. They provide virtually anything from the woods to any specifications even long or short runs. Brownwood Inc. as a custom wood box maker has over 90 years of experience and expertise in this industry, making them one of the best premium custom hat box suppliers in the market with the most sustainable material resource. Given those years of experience, Brownwood Inc. hat boxes are set to give a great standard in quality wholesale hat box packaging and shipping box manufacturing by promoting side-by-side eco-friendly production.

Brownwood Official Website:
Brownwood Inc. Hat Boxes:
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Cross Country Box Company Hat Boxes

Cross Country Box Company has been in the packaging industry for over 70 years since 1949. They are known for their personal relationship with their customers, friendly service, detail-oriented, creativity, and flexibility. Their box packaging company’s flexibility is top-notch. They allow quick turnaround on orders when emergencies arise or deadlines need to be met.
They are one of the best packaging box companies and specialized in custom design works of hat box cardboard boxes for small to medium runs, promotional runs, new products, and testing the market. They work with design groups to provide the specifications needed by their customers. They have old-fashioned business values for integrity and good service. Combined with generations of new ideas, creativity, quality, and the latest product manufacturing processes.

Cross Country Official Website:
Cross Country Box Company Hat Boxes:
About Cross Country Box Company:
Cross Country Custom Box:

TDI Global Solutions Boxes

TDI is a company built with a diverse global network for high-quality products, hat gift packaging boxes, and display manufacturing combined with world-class logistic services. They provide custom solutions for their clients from design to finished product and delivery. TDI Global Solutions boxes have a direct management approach to quality control in all their projects by giving their customers a specific staff to handle all monitoring to provide and give all specifications needed.
TDI has over 75 years of experience and expertise in the industry with relationships with many US-based companies. Their streamlined approach eliminates duplication and wasteful costs by setting-up direct relationships with their overseas partners.

TDI Official Website:
TDI Hat Boxes:
About TDI:
TDI Custom Packaging Solutions:

Bling Bling Boxes

Since 1987, Bling Bling Packaging offers the best retail packaging, point-of-purchase packaging, and industrial packing solutions. They have all custom protective shipping box types, even gift storage containers. Bling Bling provides affordable and innovative custom chipboard box packaging solutions to all its customers.
In Bling Bling, they help you realize your vision and contribute concepts in contextualizing your business needs. With their expertise in the field, they are able to help small to big businesses that trusted them. Bling Bling offers a wide range of customized packaging solutions for their business, with their help they are able to provide the company’s brand name and extra marketing appeal.

Bling Bling Official Website:
Bling Bling Boxes:
About Bling Bling:
Bling Bling Custom Packaging Box:

Packaging Blue Boxes

Packaging Blue is one of the leading custom box packaging manufacturers in the industry. Providing high-quality and cost-effective packaging box solutions that help ensure continued success for their customers. They believe that with their production process and technology there is no company that can match the quality and pricing when it comes to custom packaging.
Packaging Blue manufactures its cheap custom boxes by employing eco-friendly techniques and utilizing a wide range of recycled paper stocks and vivid soy-based inks to protect our mother nature. They are always accessible because they provide live customer support through the website and over the phone. Their packaging box design aims to provide high-quality service and commit that if there is anything they can do to support their customers, they will do it and give their 100% effort to it.

Packaging Blue Official Website:
Packaging Blue Boxes:
About Packaging Blue:
Custom Product Boxes & Packaging:

Larsen Boxes

For over 30 years, Larsen has distributed vital shipping box supplies and customized products to its loyal customer clients. Now, they are the master distributor of deluxe containers, shipping boxes, packaging supplies, and corrugated boxes in different categories.
Larsen containers alleviate the hustle of having to keep up with ordering your packaging and shipping boxes. They work to create a well-tailored program to fit customers’ schedules without having to deal with manual ordering. Customers can set rules, changing their supply and demand or dictating the phase of production and delivery.

Larsen Official Website:
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About Larsen:
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Michael Dark Boxes

Michael Dark Ltd. is one of the largest wholesalers of fresh flower and floristry supplies and customized hat boxes in Southwest America. They’ve been in the industry for over 30 years giving the best crafted customized hat boxes for their customers. Their extensive range of products aims to inspire them to bring the latest trends and innovative ideas directly to their customer clients at the best possible prices. They strive to offer the best value for money combined with the quality products offered.
Their team of experts is committed to providing the best analysis and study to their customer brand to give exceptional packaging solutions. From layout design and inclusion of specifications given by their clients, they were able to produce the custom hat boxes fitted perfectly to their client’s products.

Michael Dark Ltd. Official Website:
Michael Dark Hat Boxes:
About Michael Dark Ltd.:
Michael Dark Custom Packaging:

Packola Boxes

Packola offers high-quality custom packaging boxes for all businesses and individuals. They meet all its customer’s packaging requirements from impeccably detailed cheap custom boxes, printing boxes, custom mailer boxes, hat boxes, and durable corrugated shipping boxes.
All materials Packola boxes use are from sustainable sources. They are an eco-friendly brand and assured that they will just leave a positive carbon footprint on our environment. They also offer custom printed boxes with no minimum quantity order. They believe this custom packaging solution they produce is one of the main key things for their clients with small to medium businesses.

Packola Official Site:
Packola Box:
About Packola:
Custom Shipping Boxes:

What are Hat Boxes?

Hat boxes are also known as hat buckets, hat tins, or bandboxes. This is a container originally designed for transporting and protecting headgears or hats from damage and dust at an early age. Business nowadays also uses this type of box to store their different products, such as make-up, pastries, jewelry, art supplies, desk or office supplies, dresses, garments, and many more.

Types of Hat Boxes

Hat boxes also come in different types, its types vary depending on the products (size, weight, and other specifications) to store.

Cardboard Hat Box

Type of hat box which is made up of layers of cardboard or paper to strengthen the sides. This kind of hat box is usually designed with a lid and used on light or small products or hats. Commonly used as a gift, pastry, and product packaging.

Vintage Hat Box

Vintage hat boxes are enclosures with classic designs and produced only for hat storage or as a travel luggage case for their precious hats. This kind of hat is usually made up of tin, leather, or textile with metal lining for a stronger and firm appearance.

Travel Hat Box

Travel hat boxes are types of hat boxes used as traveling luggage for your hats. This is usually designed with a zip and a hand-carry strap. It is a must-have travel accessory when traveling with hats to have much more secure and uncrushable hat storage.

Storage Hat Box

This type of hat box is often used as an organizer for hats and other personal belongings in your room. This kind of enclosure is usually made up of leather, textiles, and other premium material best for storage and lifting light to moderate weight.

Metal or Tin Hat Box

This kind of hat box is made up of quality light metal like tin perfect for storage of hats and fabulous home decor in your room. Some businesses also use this kind of hat box for their products like jewelry, cosmetics, and others.

Types of Material Used for Manufacturing Hat Boxes


This material is used in cardboard-type hat boxes. It is a heavy paper-based material. Cardboards are made up of multiple piles of paperboard and other additives for making boards. Hat boxes made up of this material are recyclable.

Fabric or Textile

Fabric or textile is fiber-based material. This material is often used in clothing, jackets, and other versatile applications like hat boxes. Inclusion of this material in a storage type box like a hat box gives the enclosure different technical properties and aesthetics.


Tin is a type of metal with silvery color. It is usually soft and can be cut with just inforcing little force. This kind of material has low toxicity and is widely used for food packaging or tin cans. Hat boxes made up of this material are reliable and have a long service life span.


It is a synthetic and semi-synthetic material that uses polymers as the main material. Plastics’ plasticity makes it possible to be molded, extruded, or pressed into solid objects of various shapes like hat boxes.


This genuine material is strong, flexible, and durable and can be obtained from tanning and chemical treatment of animal skins to prevent decay. This material can be used to make a variety of items or products including footwear, clothing, handbags, furniture, and even hat box.

Metal Reinforced

Metal reinforced is one of the materials used in making hat boxes for it gives the storage additional firmness to shape and durability. This material is often used for hat boxes made up of soft material as main components like leather, textile, or fabrics.

Who uses Hat Boxes?

Hat boxes nowadays perform different tasks aside from being hat storage. Businesses and individuals often use this product as a type of packaging or storage. Here are some of the sectors that often use this kind of enclosure.

Food Business

Food businesses now use hat box types for their goods. Pastries are now commonly packaged in tin-type hat boxes, other food ingredients or components use it too. They also use cardboard-type hat boxes for other food-related shipments.


Businesses in this sector use hat box type as their packaging for their products. They use the shape and the orientation of this enclosure to give additional aesthetics to their products.

Jewerly Company

Like cosmetics, this type of business uses this kind of storage box because of its unique orientation and feature that fit its product labeling and design.

Travelers and Hat users

This is one of the main purposes of this box type. To give proper and safe storage to hats when traveling or storing in your room. Hat boxes come in different scales with special features depending on usage. Traveling hat boxes commonly have a big compartment and strip for handle while hat boxes for storing commonly small to medium scale both have durability and reliability needed for their application.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Hat Boxes for Your Business

Choosing the right hat boxes for your business will surely give you a great way to echo your branding. Aside from this box will give a special role as the main protective suit for your product this will also give an introduction for your brand as it stands as your main packaging.


Assessing your product to store in a hat box will give the main key factors or specifications needed for your fully customized hat box storage (size, weight, length, or your products’ physical factors).


One of the main factors to determine is the budget you a lot for your hat box packaging. It is smart to look for suppliers that offer the best quality product with the market’s most competitive pricing.

Order Quantity

This factor will tell the quantity you need to order in a certain period of time. Hat box suppliers and manufacturers often require a minimum or a maximum number of orders. It is a must to know facts before placing your order.

Lead time

This is interrelated with your order quantity, when ordering your hat boxes you should give the suppliers plenty of time for manufacturing and delivery. It is wise to order the quantity you needed ahead of time to avoid shortage or have a backup time when an emergency occurs.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hat Box Supplier

In choosing Hat Box manufacturers for your business you need to consider some points to fully got your ideal supplier.

  • You need to know the manufacturer’s areas of specialization. If it will be aligned to your business’ hat box needs and specifications. If they offer custom-made or offer your desired materials suited for your products. You should stick with the supplier who has a wide knowledge of your needs and has a great background in producing it.
  • In choosing your hat box supplier, it is important to ask about their quality control processes to avoid shoddy boxes or supply shortages. Sustainability is very important, ask if they have sustainable resources and the types of materials they use in providing their products. In this matter, suppliers must have a minimum level of responsiveness in providing to your inquiries and product-related issues.
  • You should know their minimum and maximum order quantities.
  • Check and verify reviews of the company. Ask their top consumer of previous clients about their performance. Take time to read their reviews online to see if there are common complaints.
  • The company must provide product samples. Hat boxes have some critical specifications and features depending on the products to hold. With this factor in mind, make sure to ask for product samples before proceeding to bulk orders.
  • List your hat box requirements and specifications. You may find companies that will fit your criteria or you may not. Just knowing what is important will help you make wiser decisions.


Above, we have covered the main things to know about hat boxes. We give the top Hat box suppliers and manufacturers that provide custom solutions from industrial packaging to consumer-facing packaging. We also give the factors to consider when choosing the right hat box and the best hat box supplier. Hat boxes have an important role in circulating various products to our market. This serves as a product packaging or storage that gives protection and aesthetics to most business products we encounter. Knowing the main roles, characteristics and other data written above gives us a better understanding of hat boxes.
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