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Industrial packaging is the umbrella term for heavy-duty or customized packaging that is tailor-made for those products that depend on additional protection during transportation.

Each product has a different level of protection depending on the transport service it requires, some require industrial packaging because of their size, fragility, or easy breakability while others might be shaped in a special way to allow stacking on top of one another.

ePackaging Solution offers a wide range of industrial packaging solutions, from corrugated boxes and crates to pallets, custom-made packaging and industrial Packaging Machines for your product.

The industrial packaging solutions we offer include

  • Pallet – is the most popular type of industrial packaging due to its durability and versatility. A pallet can be used for storing or transporting goods that do not need additional protection.
  • Corrugated boxes – this type of box is used when you need to protect a large number of items that are usually flat. They are made from corrugated paper which gives them a high resistance to bending and crushing.
  • Crate – is a type of industrial packaging solution used to store or transport delicate items such as glass or electronic devices. They have high resistance to impact and have high-strength handles so they can be easily carried by a forklift.
  • Pallet boxes – these are often used when you need to combine the advantages of both corrugated boxes and crates because they have the strength of the former and the easy handling of the latter.
  • Custom-made packaging – this is one of our most popular services because it is tailored to meet your specific needs. Our flexible packaging solution ensures that all your products are taken good care of.
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Providing packaging solutions for years, ePackaging Solution understands that you need nothing less than the best quality packaging solution. We are dedicated to providing the best service we can.

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