The 10 Top Candy Boxes Suppliers of 2022

Trying to find the top Candy Box suppliers? The best custom requirements for all of the candy boxes that they require are offered by the top candy box manufacturers we have gathered. The premium-quality boxes that you’re looking for have been produced by these businesses.

A common trend among food producers is candy box packaging. To draw shoppers in, candies are packaged in candy boxes. This design decision may have been made because, despite it not always being the case, consumers tend to link confectionery size and price.

Candy packaging boxes are common for numerous reasons. The main justification is that they provide an alternative to putting candy on shelves or in-store displays, allowing buyers to see what they want before buying it.

The 10 Top Candy Boxes Suppliers of 2022

Candy Boxes Market Overview

A monthly candy delivery service is known as a “candy box” provides treats to its customers. These boxes frequently contain a variety of candies, and occasionally they also contain other food or little presents. The usefulness and uniqueness of these boxes are what makes them significant. They make it simple for customers to try out several kinds of candies and to get regular deliveries of their preferred sweets.

The market for candy boxes is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7.5 per cent from 2018 to 2030. The rise in consumer disposable income, the growing popularity of subscription-based services, and the rising desire for high-end, personalized candy items are all factors contributing to the market’s expansion. The market for candy subscription boxes can be divided into categories based on product type, including chocolates, soft candies, hard candies, macaroons, and other sorts. Due to its strong customer popularity across all geographies, the chocolate segment is anticipated to contribute the greatest revenue share in 2018. Based on the application, it is anticipated that the enterprise segment will represent a bigger proportion than the personal and other segments in 2018.

Leading Candy Box Suppliers

It is simple and prudent to locate the top wholesale candy packaging provider in Candy Market. Here is the list of top Candy box suppliers for 2022:

Pioneer Plastics Candy Boxes

Manufacturer and supplier of food-grade polystyrene square and rectangular candy boxes in standard and custom sizes. Snap closures, inset ornate etched lids, split body lid designs, and other features vary by model. Offers custom colour options. capable of lean manufacturing. NSF certified. Produced in the USA.

Pioneer Plastics Official Site:
Candy Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Pioneer Plastics, Inc.
United States of America
Minou H

Cross Country Candy Boxes

Custom supplier and manufacturer of all chocolate, candy, and confectionery boxes, including DIY ingredient kits. Both folding cartons and rigid/set-up boxes are built specifically for each product and come in a variety of forms, including the widow, nesting/tower, and specialty items. Custom-made platforms, dividers, and inserts. Product-specific matching Branded Mailers may be added for e-commerce. There are many finishing possibilities, including foil stamping, embossing, debossing, soft touch, laminating, and printing. UV, Spot UV, AQ, and inline aqueous coating are all types of printing that can have matte, glossy, or semi-gloss finishes. All boards are offered, including all caliper, food-grade, recycled, and SBS chipboards. For products, tear-away display containers, counter displays, and customized, branded e-flute mailers are also produced.

Cross Country Candy Box Official Page:
Rigid Candy Boxes:—rigid–setup-boxes
Folding Cartons Candy Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Cross Country Box Co., Inc
United States
Dan Goldman

Clearance Candy Boxes Packaging

Thin wall candy boxes with standard and custom sizes are produced by an ISO 14001-certified company for packing non-fragile or light confectionery products. Sealing at the bottom and nominal sizes starting at 3/16 in. to 4 in. interior of a diameter varying between 0.210 in. Wall thicknesses between 0.012 in. and 4.050 in. to 0.028 in. & outer diameter from 0.234 inches. to 4.106 in. The colors red and black are available for thin wall tube closures such as polypropylene plugs, vinyl caps, and hanger caps.

Cleartec Candy Boxes Official Site:
Square and Rectangular Candy Boxes:
Multi Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ClearTec Packaging
United States
Randy Bracewell

Blue Box Packaging

Supplier of both generic and unique wholesale candy gift boxes. They offer a gift, bulk, candy, and party favour gable boxes. Blue Box offers magnetic, foldable, drawer, pip-up, and large gift hard boxes. made from cardstock, Kraft, e-flute corrugated, and bux board. There are boxes with logos printed on them. There are options for gloss or matte lamination, embossing, foiling, gloss AQ, and gloss, matte, or spot UV finishing. Suitable for packaging and promotional uses.

Blue Box Packaging Official Site:
Corrugated Boxes:
Rigid Candy Boxes:
CBD Wholesale Candy Gift Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Blue Box Packaging
New York, United States
Sam Smith

Jarrett Industries Candy Boxes

Global provider of logistics and warehousing services as well as custom packaging solutions. Paperboard, plastic, foam, and clean room solutions for the biomedical, retail, industrial, and military sectors are the focus of this woman-owned and controlled business. offering contract packaging, vendor-managed inventories, consignment programs, custom, and stock packaging materials, as well as JIT delivery. specializes in infusing various substrates together to create unique solutions.

Jarret Candy Boxes Official Site:
Corrugated Boxes and Cartons:
Rigid Candy Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Jarrett Industries, Inc.
Illinois, United States
Jeff Heintz

Laural Candy Boxes

Full-service custom cake and candy box supplier. Other boxes include storage boxes, record storage boxes, display boxes, bottle packs, cube boxes, long boxes, heavy-duty boxes, variable depth boxes, mailer boxes, bin boxes, folder boxes, bulk containers, and tote boxes. Prototyping and design are examples of capabilities. For custom products, stocking choices and JIT delivery are available.

Laurel Candy Box Packaging Official Site:
Custom Candy Boxes Packaging:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Packsize Company
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hanko Kiessner

J.L. Clark Candy Boxes

J.L. Clark is a producer of unique candy boxes. Bespoke candy boxes with full-service printing capabilities, including BPA-free standards and FDA food safety regulations-compliant custom finishes and coatings.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
J.L. Clark
Florida, United States
John Clark

Stampa Prints Candy Boxes

Stampa Prints is a manufacturer of personalized candy display, gift, and pillow boxes. made from materials such as coated one-side paper, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft paper. available with options for foiling, spot UV, gloss, and matte lamination finishes.
Packaging Products:
Custom Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Stampa Prints
United States of America
Michelle Johnson

The Legacy Printing Candy Boxes

Legacy Printing is a manufacturer of packaging and printing goods for candy boxes on a custom basis. Banners, bookmarks, custom boxes, cake boxes, corrugated boxes, brochures, decals, paper boxes, and stickers are among the products that are offered.
Candy Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
 The Legacy Printing
West Coast, Western United States
Bill Baxley

Custom Boxes Place

Custom Boxes Place is a producer of boxes for the retail, cosmetics, food, and beverage, packaging, and industries mainly for candy packaging. Bakery, confectionery, cardboard, corrugated, and die-cut boxes are some examples of box types. There are various designs of boxes, including the five-panel hanger, double-locked wall lid, dark blue pedestrian bag, bookend, bowl sleeve, dispenser, and bottom display lid.
Rigid Boxes:
Candy Boxes:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Custom Boxes Place
Dallas, Texas
Amir Khan

What is a Candy Box?

Candy boxes are made to accommodate plastic candy trays or candy pads, giving a polished display and securing delicious sweets throughout transport. Candy boxes come in stiff cardboard styles that don’t need to be set up or folding styles for flat storage. Candy box suppliers display their hand-made and custom-made candies in the various styles of candy boxes that are available.

Types of Shipping Boxes

Classification of Candy Boxes


When candies are packaged in candy boxes, consumers will see them as being of the highest caliber. Therefore, I must state that you are on the right track if you’re looking for creativity for your candy boxes. The candy packaging boxes are the main topic of debate today.
Here are a few quite appealing packaging options for candies. The majority of them are made to be employed on various occasions to fulfill their objective.

Laser Cut Candy Boxes

The use of candy-related things as giveaways is becoming more popular over time. As a result, a persistent demand for them has compelled candy box suppliers to offer something more creative and fashionable. Laser-cut candy packing boxes have been introduced as a result. These custom candy boxes have a variety of carvings done on them using laser equipment. These candy box packagings are made all the more eye-catching and elegant by using a single color sheet with different cutting all around. Their attractive appearances are enhanced by the addition of bow ties, which are created by tying a knot in ribbons at the top. All of these characteristics qualified them for usage as giveaways and favor boxes at various events and occasions. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what kind of candy you include in them as a thank-you gift for your recipes.

Custom Flip Top with Windows

Also known as candy boxes with windows and can be easily customized into a variety of sizes and forms because they are built from cardboard and kraft paper material. For instance, you can have these customized boxes that can flatten the base and stand upright with a flip-top lid opening. Window insertion also really sets wholesale candy boxes on fire. Since candy manufacturers can readily display their tasty confections in attractive hues through windows, this is quite advantageous. You can see that they draw people to themselves if you simply place them on the counters or even on a shelf.

Customize Candy Boxes with Logo

The ideal method to use this bespoke box packing as a marketing tool is to do so. Simply print your company’s logo on the wholesale candy boxes you use for this, and these boxes will handle the rest of the work. Additionally, if you include contact information like a phone number and website, it will make it easier for customers to get in touch with you in the future. Don’t forget to apply lamination coatings to maintain all the printing details. Due to these uses over custom truffle boxes, the printed materials will last for a long time.

Gift Pyramid Candy Boxes

Change to these Egyptian pyramid-shaped candy packing boxes if you are sick and tired of wrapping your candies in the same square-shaped boxes. This candy box packaging is a creative approach to vary the way your candy gift packing is done. Give your loved ones one of these wholesale candy gift boxes and watch them smile. Additionally, they will keep these candy boxes long after the candy inside of them has been consumed. Printing is required to give them a sophisticated appearance.

Styles of Candy Boxes

There are two different types of candy boxes: folding top boxes and the classic, two-part rigid candy boxes. There are many different sizes and colors available.

Paper Folding Candy Boxes

A one-piece design, paper candy or truffle boxes that fold up, weighing between 1/2 and 1 lb. colors, 8 sizes.

Two-Part Rigid Candy Boxes

A rigid-structure candy containers or traditional lidded chocolate boxes. There are many sizes, ornamental colors, insert types, and confectionery pads available.

Candy Box Inserts

There are many sizes and kinds of candy box inserts to fit different candy varieties. These inserts are ideal for little candies like creams or truffles

Different Types of Candy Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

These are the most typical candy packaging boxes, and they can be rectangular or square in design. Cardboard is an excellent material for your wholesale custom candy box because it is affordable. No matter if you’re a tiny business owner operating from home, this kind of box will help you save money while projecting a classy appearance that will draw in more clients.

Folding Boxes

These candy boxes may be slightly more expensive than conventional ones, but not much. Due to their sophisticated appearance, which some people view as luxurious, they are ideal for brand recognition because consumers can immediately tell whether something is aesthetically pleasing or not from a distance. Therefore, you may stop worrying about your product’s poor appearance because your buyers will still like it.

Plastic Jars/Bottles

These kinds of packaging boxes, including folding boxes, will readily make your product stand out thanks to their elegant and opulent appearance. Additionally, as they are reusable, you may sell the same candy repeatedly without having to buy new packaging each time!

Paperboard Printed Sleeves

Being decorated with a variety of printed graphics, including logos or even imagery relating to the candy itself, makes this type of box a particularly popular option among businesses looking for benefits to brand recognition. Therefore, if you want people to be able to recognize the type of candy your product is as well as feel proud about purchasing it because everyone else does, then this might be the best choice for you.

CBD Candy Packaging

Due to its medical advantages, CBD candies are currently highly fashionable. The packaging for these candies is a unique Custom CBD Candy Box. This packaging, which is a highly specific box made to fit these candies, is used. The candy boxes are created from materials that are safe for consumption, and the graphics on them have also been carefully designed to convey all of your information about this product in just one package.

Candy Crates

Candy crates make fantastic display counters or simply as a beautiful method to present numerous goods at once without really being used for packaging. Although they often arrive flat, you can find them pre-assembled with lids to make moving them around easier if necessary. Although they may appear big, investing in this type of display will be advantageous compared to other choices because consumers always prefer to view the items they are purchasing in front of them.

What are Candy Boxes Made of?

Candy boxes are constructed from strong, long-lasting materials including Kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardstock, and Bux Board. They maintain their value even after being subjected to extreme pressure and safeguard the goods at all times. Since they are flexible, they can withstand all design loads.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Candy Boxes for your Business

When choosing the best boxes for the brand, there are several important factors to take into account. You will be able to win over your clients’ hearts if you choose the proper packaging for your products. Here are some factors to consider:

Good manufacturing supplies

Make sure to use the greatest material if you want the ideal candy box. The type of material you choose has a significant impact on the final shape of the box. Your box might not make it through the market if it is too weak. To create the ideal box, it is crucial to work on the material. You can purchase little candy boxes, but be sure to utilize the right kind of material. Making an impression on customers will also depend on the material you use.

Utilizing Good Paper

The characteristics of the paper used to produce attractive candy boxes, such as Kraft paper and cardboard, have an impact on the quality of the final product. You can choose the supplier who offers the possibility to choose the unique paper material for the product while creating your attractive candy boxes. Utilize paper with lionized quality when making boxes.

Consider customized options

Every customer wants their order to be customized. Candy is especially needed and in high demand for many occasions. As a result, you should create your wholesale candy boxes to satisfy the needs of the buyers. Knowing your consumers’ tastes and preferences is also crucial. Pay attention if they request a specific design for the package. Make sure to do so, for instance, as Chinese candy boxes will differ.

Design and Print

Never allow the candy packaging to be monotonous. Your sales may suffer if it has a boring design since nobody will visit it. To get the most attention possible in this situation, it is crucial to work on the designs of your boxes. Don’t forget to check the printing while selecting the box. Print appealing and fashionable designs on your box to see the magic they may work for you. In addition to helping you boost sales, it will also help you establish a name for yourself in the industry.

Consider special occasions

Keep an eye out for certain events as you receive your boxes. For instance, candy boxes are a common choice for wedding favors, so many people receive them. In this situation, getting a distinctive design on the box is essential to ensure that your boxes perform well at weddings and gatherings. Similarly, for yearly holidays like Christmas, you can have a specific event-specific design put on it. For wedding candy boxes, choose to foil in gold or silver.

The need for custom design

Customers can choose their packaging box design by using the custom design. And the supplier produces these small and large candy boxes following the specifications and design provided by the customer. You can pick the wholesale candy box vendors who give their potential customers access to this feature.

Good Selection of Products

You can give tasty candies a pizza-like look by choosing the packaging retailers that give you distinctive and fashionable candy boxes. Please choose wholesale packaging vendors who offer a wide range of fashionable wholesale candy cases. On-time Delivery When trying to win over customers, order shipment matters a lot. You must pick a brand of wholesale packaging that exemplifies punctuality because being on time demonstrates the brand’s product’s quality. Customers favor companies that ship their goods on time.


These days, a lot of individuals are concerned with packaging’s impacts. Therefore, you must choose the appropriate safe box for the surroundings. Finding the ideal, environmentally friendly candy box is simple. Today, several packaging manufacturing companies are creating environmentally friendly boxes. Your food products will be well protected by such cartons. With such elements on the boxes, you will also have a strong chance to boost sales.

Reasonable Prices

Utilizing the brand’s assets and resources effectively is essential. Because everything and everyone in a firm needs resources and costs. Choose the packaging and printing companies that provide you with excellent discounts and deals for your custom wholesale candy boxes to make wise decisions. This strategy strives to protect your company’s assets and financial foundation.


You will attract a lot of attention in the market if you pay attention to the product packaging. Candy boxes with distinctive patterns and aesthetics help you stand out on the market shelves. To add value to the market, choosing such designs is strongly advised. Your business will succeed if you choose the appropriate packaging for your goods. These options will add value to your products as well.
The essence of this article is to help anyone who is having a hard time selecting the appropriate and best candy box supplier for their needs.

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