What is a Vacuum Sealing Machine? Working, Use and Price

This post will answer all of your questions about the vacuum sealing machine. Learn what these sealers are, how they work, when to use them, and more.

A fully automatic vacuum sealing machine
A fully automatic vacuum sealing machine
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The vacuum sealing machine is one of the most used sealers today. There are good reasons to explain that. Vacuum sealers help to package food and other items in an airtight and air-free environment. This helps to keep the food fresh for much longer periods and different products protected from damage. Read more about this popular type of sealer in this post.

What is Vacuum Sealing?

Before delving into what a vacuum sealer is and its working principle it’s important to understand what vacuum sealing is. This will help you to grasp everything about the sealer more easily, including its benefits in both home and industrial settings.

In short, vacuum sealing involves using a vacuum pump to remove air from a container or pouch and then sealing it shut using the usual heat sealer. This results in a package that is much more compact than its original form and, more importantly, one whose contents will last much longer without spoiling.

Vacuum sealing is a popular food storage technique. In fact, vacuum-sealed food can last up to five times longer than food that is stored in a regular container with a lid. This is because the airtight seal prevents oxygen and other elements from coming into contact with the food, which could cause it to spoil.

Floor standing chamber vacuum sealing machine
Floor standing chamber vacuum sealing machine
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Vacuum Sealing Machine

A vacuum and sealing machine is a type of device that uses the vacuum process to seal items. In its basic form, the machine consists of a hot sealing bar to seal a package shut and a vacuum mechanism to evacuate air from the package.

Vacuum sealers are also manufactured in two main versions: manual and automated. They can also be small tabletop models or large floor standing machines. The level of automation and size dictates the output rate, with large versions fitting most industrial applications.

Types of Vacuum sealing Machines

Most vacuum sealing machines are almost identical in terms of operating principle, only differing in the design and working. There are only two major types of vacuum sealing machines. These are explained below.

Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine

A chamber vacuum sealer is a type of vacuum sealer that removes all of the air from a chamber before sealing the food inside. This type of machine is great for sealing machine for food, especially in situation where large quantities of food need to be sealed at once. It allows a user to arrange and seal several packages at a time.

External Vacuum Sealing Machine

An external vacuum sealing machine uses no chamber. Instead, it’s a type of sealer that uses a pump to remove all of the air from the bag or container itself. This type of sealer is most suited for sealing smaller quantities of food as it cannot seal multiple packages at a go. A good number of these are small, handheld units for home or small business uses.

How to use a vacuum sealing machine
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Vacuum Sealing Machine Uses

A vacuum heat sealing machine is often used to preserve solid and liquid food items. That isn’t the only use. A vacuum and sealer machine is also commonly used to preserve metal products or parts by shutting out oxygen and helping prevent corrosion.

Another popular use for a vacuum sealer is sous vide cooking. Sous vide is a type of cooking where food is sealed in a bag and cooked in water. It offers a more evenly cooked food and tastier results. Vacuum sealing can also be used for document preservation. Documents that are sealed in a vacuum-sealed bag will be protected from moisture, mold, and mildew.

In essence, there no limit to the things you can do with the device. Most Vacuum sealing machines have a wide range of applications. They can be used in the home, in businesses, and even in industries. Today, you will even find these machines widely used in non-industrial environments.

How to Use a Vacuum Sealing Machine

A vacuum sealing machine is one of the easiest types of sealers to use, whether manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Below is how to use it correctly.

  • The first thing you need to do is choose the right type of sealer for your needs. If you are looking for a way to preserve food, then a chamber sealer will be your best option.
  • Once you have chosen the right type of sealer, it’s time to start sealing. To start, simply place the item to be sealed into the container.
  • If you are using a manual vacuum sealing machine, then you will need to do most things yourself.
  • If you using an automatic vacuum sealer, simply place the item to be sealed on the device. The machine will do the rest.
  • Once the food is sealed, it’s time to store it. Vacuum-sealed food can be stored in the freezer or fridge for longer periods.

Vacuum sealing machines are also relatively low maintenance. However, there are a few things you can do to keep yours in top condition.

  • It’s important to clean your machine regularly. This will help to prevent mold and mildew from growing on its surfaces.
  • Know what not to vacuum seal, too. Some foods such as onions harbor anaerobic bacteria, and may not stay fresh even after air is removed and the package sealed.
  • Finally, it helps to regularly check the vacuum sealing machine parts for breakage or wear. If any of these parts are worn or damaged, they should be replaced
Manual vacuum sealing machine
Manual vacuum sealing machine
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Vacuum Sealer Machine Price

Anyone looking to buy vacuum sealing machine systems, whether manual or automated, will first want to know about their cost. This will not help with budgeting, but can also help guide you to the right manufacturer or supplier in terms of price.

The vacuum sealer machines price does not vary drastically. It ranges from around $30 to $600 for the smaller models and more than $1000 for the large and partially or fully automatic vacuum sealing machine.

The price you pay will also be dependent on the features and quality you need: A vacuum sealing machine for home use will typically cost between $30 and $100, while a commercial-grade vacuum machine can cost between $200 and $600.

What is the Best Food Vacuum Sealer?

What is the best vacuum sealer on the market? When it comes to choosing the best vacuum sealing machine, we suggest looking for a machine that is durable, easy to use, and has a wide range of features.

But a lot will depend on what you’re looking for and how often you plan to use your machine. If you are looking for a durable vacuum sealing machine for food preservation that will last for years, then we suggest investing in a commercial-grade machine.

Without overlooking your budget and sealing needs, find a vacuum sealing machine that fits both, but that offers quality. For an industrial vacuum sealer, our advice is to choose a model that uses sturdy construction and perfectly fits the intended application


Vacuum sealing is an ingenious way to maintain the freshness of food or preserve different items, and a vacuum sealing machine a perfect investment for that purpose. The machine is available on the sealer market in different types, from home-use machines to a large, industrial vacuum sealing machine for commercial use. These types of sealers are also available as manual and automated devices, among other options.

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