What are the Different Types of Folding Cartons

Different types of folding carton boxes for retail packaging
Different types of folding carton boxes for retail packaging
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Of all cartons, the folding type is the most varied, in addition to being the most popular. Different types of folding cartons come in handy for different kinds of business needs. They may be cartons for food, electronics, cartons for clothing, or anything else that needs to be packed and shipped. Here’s a rundown of the most popular types of folding cartons and when to use them.

The Folding Carton Market

Folding cartons are the workhorse of the packaging industry. According to a report by Precedence Research, the folding carton packaging market is forecast to grow 3.8 percent annually to $196.05 billion between 2022 and 2030.

Folding carton boxes are used in a wide variety of industries to package everything from foods and beverages to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There are several different types of folding cartons, each with its own unique set of features and benefits. Here’s is a quick look at the most popular types of these boxes.

Folding carton box styles
Folding carton box styles
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Types of folding Cartons

Folding carton boxes are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet the needs of different industries such e-commerce shipping and retail packaging.

To help you understand the options when looking for a folding carton for your shipping or packaging requirements, we’ve put together a quick guide to the most popular types of folding cartons:

1. Straight Tuck Folding Carton

In these types of folding cartons, both the top and bottom closing panels are located on the same side or same main panel. The carton then folds in the same direction on both sides. The straight tuck folding carton is best suited for products that are not too heavy and do not require a lot of support such as cosmetics.

2. Reverse Tuck Folding Carton

A reverse tuck folding carton is almost similar to a straight tuck folding carton, except that the closing panels are located on the opposite side or different main panels. That is, the bottom closure is on one side while the top closure is on another side and fold in different directions. Just like he straight tuck boxes, the reverse tuck carton is best for items with low to medium weight.

3. Lock Bottom Box

The lock bottom box, as its name suggests, locks at the bottom. The closure flaps push into each other to lock the bottom into a strong base that can withstand weight. As a result, these types of folding boxes are ideal for heavier items such as beer bottles. The lock bottom carton is also called the 1-2-3 bottom box for using 3 steps to assemble.

4. Crash Bottom Box

A crash bottom box or carton is a variation of the lock bottom box where the closure flaps automatically lock in place when assembling the carton. This type of box is easier to assemble than the lock bottom box and can hold heavier products that require a sturdy bottom. You can use it to hold or ship candles and items of similar weight.

5. Display Boxes

Display boxes are special types of folding cartons designed to be used for retail display purposes. These carton types usually feature a bottom piece and a lid that can be opened and closed. This construction serves two purposes: first, to protect the product and second, to provide easy access for customers to view the product. The box is, therefore, commonly used in retail stores.

6. Five Panel folding Box

The reverse tuck folding box is a variation of the tuck end carton, but with one additional panel. As a result, this type of carton has five panels instead of the usual four. The fifth panel hangs from the back panel and is usually perforated so that it can be easily hung on a pegboard or slat wall for retail display purposes.

7. Sleeve Carton

The sleeve carton is essentially a tubular form, open at either end that wraps around the product. This allows the product to be displayed without being enclosed in a box, which is ideal for products that are best displayed when not packaged. These types of cartons can also be used in conjunction with other types of folding cartons to provide additional protection or support.

8. One Piece Tuck Top Box

The one piece tuck top box has a lid that is integral to the main body of the box, which means it is constructed from a single piece of cardboard. This type of carton box is quick and easy to assemble and ideal for products that need to be packaged quickly. Items that could be packaged in these types of folding boxes include confectionery, small toys, and cosmetics.

9. Two Piece Folding Box

This folding carton type is similar to the one-piece tuck top box, but with the top and bottom parts separate to produce a tray and lid. This construction makes the carton robust as the two pieces fit together to create a double wall. Two piece carton boxes are suitable for products that require both support and protection, such as glassware and luxurious items.

Folding carton box with internal fitments
Folding carton box with internal fitments
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Other Folding Carton Box Styles

There are many other styles of folding carton boxes based on their various distinguishing features. These folding carton types include those that come with thumb tabs, cutouts, and even windows.

Folding Carton with Tabs

Folding cartons with thumb tabs are distinguished by their thumb tabs, which are located on the top or bottom, sometimes on the sides of the box. The thumb tabs allow these carton box types to be opened and closed with ease.

Folding Carton with Cutouts

Folding cartons with cutouts feature cutouts on the panels of the box. These cutouts can be used for displaying the product or for easy opening of the packaging. They make a box suited for retail packaging needs.

Folding Carton with Windows

These types of carton boxes come with clear windows, which allow the product to be seen without being removed from the packaging. These types of boxes are often used for packaging food items, small electronic products.

Folding Carton with Inserts

Folding cartons with inserts are equipped with internal fitments to serve different purposes. They may be partitions to separate different products in one box or they may be forms to protect or stabilize the contents.

Folding Carton with Handles

Sometimes a carton box is manufacturer with handy handles. This folding carton design makes the box attractive in addition to making it easy to carry around. They types of the product are mostly meant for the retail industry.

Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Even with the many types of folding carton boxes available, an end-user may still not find the perfect box for their product. In these cases, it is possible to get custom folding carton boxes made to specifications.

Custom boxes offer the advantage of being specifically designed for a product, which can result in a better fit and improved protection. Furthermore, the customer can request personalized graphics and other special features on the box for improved brand visibility and product information.

Some factors that need to be considered when requesting a custom carton design include: dimensions, type of paperboard, any special coatings or treatments, print requirements, and box quantity. Again, be sure to partner with a reputable and experienced company.


There are many types of folding carton boxes out there, including regular and custom types. Your specific shipping or packaging needs will largely determine the type of folding carton you require. If you are unsure of what type of box to choose, consult with a professional to get expert advice. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a carton box company for more information or choose to have custom carton boxes made for you.

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