What Is A Labeling Machine And How Can It Help Your Business?

A labeling machine attaches labels to items and products. Learn more about what these machines do, their cost, and how they can help your business.

Labeling machine
Labeling machine
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Imagine if you had to manually label every item or product in your business! Well, that’s where the labeling machine comes in. It automates the process to affix labels, making it quick and easy. But what is a labeling machine, exactly? Find out more about labelers below.

What is a Labeling Machine?

Labeling machines play an important role in the modern industry. They help attach labels that will make your product stand out on retail store shelves, labels that will list your product’s information, labels for inventory purposes, and much more.

But before proceeding, what is the labeling machine definition?

Well, a labeling machine is a type of device or equipment used to apply (and sometimes even print) labels to products and items such as boxes, pallets, shipping materials, and so on. You will find them in almost every industry, from beverage to packaging and logistics centers.

A labeler, as the machine is also called, can be a handheld device, a tabletop unit, or a floor-standing model. Read more about these below.

Hand held Labeling Machine

A handheld labeling machine is a manual device that’s used in small businesses or stores. Although not considered a true machine but more of a sticker gun, the hand labeling machine finds use in many businesses but mostly small scale applications such as labeling boxes.

Table Top Labeling Machine

A table-top label machine, on the other hand, is a larger unit for more advanced labeling but one that’s to be done in small batches. It can either be a manual or semi-automatic model and a variety of other differences. The bench top label applicator is mostly used for round containers such bottles and jars.

Standalone Labeling Machine

A floor-standing labeler is mostly an automatic labeling machine for industrial applications. Depending on the configuration, you may use it alongside an existing production line. You can also permanently integrate with the line to allow a continuous manufacturing process.

Box labeling machine
Box labeling machine
Resource: https://www.packworld.com

Labeling Machine Uses

What is a labeling machine used for? Labeling machines can be applied in many industries, for example: pharmaceutical industry, food and drink industry, electronics, and cosmetics. Other sectors where labeling is important include the communication industry, agriculture, logistics centers, and construction. Some popular labeling machine uses include attaching these types of labels:

Product Identification Labels

A product labeling machine can help customers identify your product and brand. These labels provide important information about the products you sell, from name and ingredients to nutritional information and dosage instructions.

Promotional Labels

Businesses that want to give away promotional products to their customers can benefit from labeling machines. For example, a business may want to use custom promotional labels so the customer remembers who the product came from and how to contact them. These labels can also announce deals and discounts.

Barcode Labels

Labels with barcodes are necessary for effective inventory management, allowing you to track product location. Product barcode labels are also useful for keeping track of sales reports, returns, expired items, etc. A bar code labeling machine will essentially print out and apply these types of labels to your products.

Shipping Labels

Many people shop online today. One of the most important aspects of selling products online is having product packaging with clear, accurate labels. This requires the help of a package labeling machine, which can either be a manual, handheld label applicator, or automated unit with robotic systems.

Inventory Management Labels

Inventory management is important in every business. In addition to tracking your inventory with barcodes and product codes, you can use labels to mark the date you received an item, when it should be sold by, and more – again, with the help of a standard or custom labeling machine.

Security Labels

These include tamper-evident labels that seal products and labels that help prevent product counterfeiting. Security labels are applied by specific labeling machines and can be distinctly tailored to match the needs of your particular brand or business. Options include customized text labels and barcodes.

Labeling machine working
Labeling machine working
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How does a Labeling Machine Work?

The labeling machine working principle involves a simple process. Depending on the type of machine, the working may begin with the making/printing of labels. A good number of labelers may not, though, and require to be fed with ready label stock. Here is what typically happens in automatic labeler that uses pressure-sensitive labels:

Label Feeder

  • The labeling process starts with loading the stock label onto the feed system or dispenser, often in the form of a roll. In some models, this is done by the labeling matching operator. In others, a label printer module is incorporated into the machine design.
  • Next, the machine advances the label strip towards the label applicator. A peel plate may also be needed to separate from the label from the backing paper. The backing material then goes to a take-up system to be wound onto a spool while the label reel goes to the application station.
  • Meanwhile, the products or items to be labeled have advanced to the label applicator station, usually via a conveyor belt. Sensors then detect item position and orientation to control the applicator action.

Label Application

  • As soon as the target product is correctly positioned, the label applicator will apply the label using either a roller (wipe on) or a burst of compressed air (air blow).
  • Some types of the machine use brushes instead. The function of a labeling machine brush is to apply pressure to and smooth the label. The labeled product will then move to the discharge station while another product takes its position.
  • The labeled product is scanned by a camera/sensor that reads label position and type. Incorrectly labeled items are rejected automatically, while correctly labeled items pass down the production line for other processes.

The labeling machine working described above concerns automatic labelers. Most of these machines use a touch panel to allow operators to input labeling instructions. Various control knobs are also used to regulate different labeling machine settings.

Manual labeler, one of the cheapest labeling machines
Manual labeler, one of the cheapest labeling machines
Resource: https://youtu.be/m0aRFolprCQ

Labeling Machine Price

Every labeling machine for sale will come with a set price point. In order to find the best deal, you will need to do a little research into the price of a quality labeling machine that will suit your needs. That’s because, as with any product, you get what you pay for.

The labeling machine price really depends on various factors such as machine type, size, speed, quality,, and brand. A handheld labeler, for example, may cost less than $500 while a table-top model may go for $10,000.

Full production line labeling machines can cost from $10 000 and higher. The most expensive label machine may require up to $100 000 and include functions such as label printing, dispensing, and application.

We recommend investing in quality a labeling machine that will fit your company’s needs – the type of labeler that will give you good quality labels for your products. Keep in mind, also, that a quality machine will save you time and reduce labeling errors. That means it will pay for itself over time.


A labeling machine is a necessity in many production lines and warehouses. Whether you are manufacturing products or shipping items, the labeling machine will mark your items for efficient identification and organization. You can use these devices to apply labels, add barcodes, make shipping labels, and more.

To get the most out of your labeling machine, make sure to choose one that will work for you and your unique business needs. The right labeling machine will add value to your business by improving the productivity of your entire workforce.

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