What is the Best Carton Box Color for Your Product?

White carton boxes, a popular choice for many different products
White carton boxes, a popular choice for many different products
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Are you finding it hard to choose the right carton box color for your business or product? We know! It can be a tough decision. But packaging plays a significant role in the success of your business, so you want it perfect. In this article, we’ll help you choose the base color for your packaging carton by covering these topics:

  • The psychology of color
  • The most popular carton colors
  • How to choose packaging carton box
  • Your carton box color in different cultures around the world

Carton Box Color

Color can increase your brand’s recognition by as high as up to 80%! That is what this study by researchers from the University of Loyola, Maryland found out. The right packaging colors can make your product stand out on store shelves, convey a certain message, or create an emotional connection with customers.

On the other hand, the wrong color can make your product blend in, send the wrong message, or turn customers away.

So, what is the best color for your packaging carton boxes? It depends on your product, your brand, and your target market. Below, we take a look at the most common carton colors and what they could mean for your brand. After that, we’ll give you useful tips on color choice.

Carton color combination to create pop
Carton color combination to create pop
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Common Carton Box Color Options

When it comes to choosing carton box color, there are many different options. But some colors are more popular than others, which makes them a safe choice for most brands. Here are some of the most commonly used colors:

White Carton Box

White is a clean and classic color that communicates purity and innocence. If you want your product to appear natural and safe, white is a great choice. White carton boxes are, therefore, a good choice for products that are associated with cleanliness, such as food and health products.

Black Carton Box

Black exudes sophistication and elegance, and is often used to communicate authority. If your business involves selling luxury products, you may want to consider a black carton box. A black carton would also be an excellent choice is yours is a known company, or if you deal with products from high-end brands.

Blue Carton Box

Blue is a calming color that is often associated with trust and reliability. It’s also the color of loyalty and intelligence. With these attributes, a blue carton box color would be your best choice for products that require a high level of trust, such as financial services.

Green Carton Box

Green is a refreshing color that is associated with nature, growth, and new beginnings. It’s also a symbol of health and vitality. If you want your product to appear earthy and ecofriendly, a green carton box is a great choice. Green is also known to be the color of money, so green cartons are a popular choice for financial products.

Brown Carton Box

Brown is a grounding color that is associated with stability, reliability, and strength and perfect for products that are meant to be durable and long-lasting. A brown carton box would thus suit products that are related to nature and the outdoors, such as gardening products and outdoor furniture.

Red Carton Box

Red is a bold and an attention-grabbing carton box color. If you want your product to stand out on the shelf, a red carton is a great choice. Red is also known to stimulate appetite, so it’s a popular choice for food products. Because its association with love and romance, red perfectly suits gift boxes, too.

Pink Carton Box

Pink is a feminine color and a popular choice for baby products and other items that are designed for women. A pink carton box is also best used for products that are meant to be used for a short time. If you want your product to appear temporary or disposable, pink is a good color to communicate this message.

Brown carton box
Brown carton box
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How to Choose Carton Box Color

Now that you know more about the psychology of color and the most popular carton box colors, it’s time to choose the perfect type of packaging color for your business or product. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision.

1. Think about your target market: if you’re selling products to children, for example, you’ll want to use a brighter and more colorful palette. For adults, you’ll want to use a more subdued and sophisticated color scheme.

2. Consider the emotions you want to evoke: as we mentioned before, different carton colors can evoke different emotions. Think about the feeling that you want to create. Do you want your customers to feel happy, excited, or calm?

3. Choose a carton color combination that stands out. If you’re selling products in a white carton, for example, you’ll want to choose a color that will make your product pop.

4. Consider your budget: The cost of printing carton boxes can vary depending on the colors you choose. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to choose a color scheme that is less expensive to print.

5. Get creative: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a carton box color. So don’t be afraid to get creative. Think of different colors and choose what you feel will work best for your business or product.

Purple, a common carton box color
Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQiZEXXDaHw

Carton Box Color and Culture

There are many factors to consider when choosing a carton box color, as we have just seen. You need to think about the colors that represent your brand, the colors that will appeal to your target market, and the colors that will make your product look its best.

But different cultures have different associations with different colors. Depending on your target market, you may need to take these cultural differences into account when choosing your packaging box color.

  • For example, in Western cultures, white are often associated with purity and innocence. But in Eastern cultures, white is often associated with death and mourning.
  • In Western cultures, red is often associated with love and passion. In Eastern cultures, red is often associated with luck and prosperity. Read more about colors in different cultures here.

When choosing the color of your packaging color, it’s important to keep these cultural differences in mind. Depending on your target market, you may need to adjust your color choices accordingly.


Color plays a powerful role in our lives. It affects our emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Different colors can evoke different feelings and trigger different responses. When it comes to product packaging, therefore, color is one of the most important design elements to consider. The right packaging colors can build brand equity, while the wrong colors can turn off potential customers.

The best carton box color for your product will depend on a number of factors, including the type of product, the target market, and the cultural context. Consider all of these factors before making a decision, and choose a color that will give your product the best chance to succeed.

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